Age Of Zaros

Guthix first came to the empty void now known as Runescape long before the first age began. He then created the world of Gielnor, now known as Runescape, and all of it's abundance. He created the natural laws that governed the order of things, and he created nature. He also created life. His new realm was flowing with life, including elves, dwarves, gnomes, and humans. Guthix saw that everything was peaceful, good, and in balance, and then he slept. Shortly thereafter, a new deity entered the world of Gielnor. His name was Zaros, but he was known as the Empty Lord. He used nature for his own good, and built cities and fortresses, forcing the creatures of Gielnor to be his slaves. He soon forged an empire more powerful than any other that ever existed. He ruled it with an iron fist, and used the Mahjarrat tribe from the realm of Freneskae as his soldiers. He also created creatures that are now forever gone from Runescape. Monstrosities that, according to most, we should be glad are gone. Zaros also had a goal, which was to dominate all of Gielnor, and to control it's vast population, and to harvest it's mass materials for himself.

Yet what is the most shocking of all this, is that he would have succeeded.

Chapter I

"The Islarin tribe has been wiped out, my lord..." Zamorak bowed down and knelt before his master, the Empty Lord of Runescape, whose spirit was mysteriously present on the throne inside the large dragon jaws inside the chamber. "They were no match for your magics, sire."
"Do you know of Amscut?" The deep, horrid voice of Zamorak's master seemed to ignore his victory.
"Yes, my lord," Zamorak raised his head from his bow. "'The Devourer,'"
"She openly mocks me, and defiles my lands with her wretched filth!" Zamorak began shivering from the anger in his Lord's words. "Destroy her army, and bring her to me."
"Is that all?"
"Go, now."
"Yes, my lord," Zamorak bowed and exited the chamber.

"SOLDIERS... MARCH!" Zamorak's chief lieutenant, Thammaron barked orders at the army of vampires and demons that were pouring out of Senntisten by the thousands, going south to annihilate Amscut 'The Devourer' and her undead or possessed army. Massive, Greater Demons flew low over the army, ready to defend them from the Wyrms, which were dragon-like beast of the air. They sometimes could become hypnotized by The Devourer, and Zamorak's horde took every precaution and always overestimated their opponent intentionally.
"How many legions are leaving?" the sting of Zamorak's voice always seemed to hurt Thammaron's ears.
"Ten legions, sir," Thammaron responded. "Amscut will pay for her insolence to our Lord!"
"Our forces will overwhelm her, but be careful, as she is not as brainless as her army suggests!"
"Yes, sir," Thammaron said.
"And one more thing," Zamorak's eyes seemed to pierce through his helmet as he looked at Thammaron. "Our master wants her alive!"
"Yes, sir!"


Ten of the army's twelve legions were assembled on the desert field in front of the lone mountain on which the Fortress of Pyrantia, the home of the Devourer, rested. Zamorak smiled. He knew that victory would be theirs.
"Azzanadra," he looked towards one of his master's top commanders and warriors. "Take three legions and go around the mountain and flank them. I want this battle ended by dawn! Destroy the fortress and bring Amscut back alive, am I understood."
Azzanadra smiled his demonic smile. "Yes, sir..."

Suddenly, a screech came from the fortress, followed by a war cry from thousands of undead and possessed creatures charging at the armies of Senntisten. Amsacut's army was mainly undead, zombie-like ghouls, and possessed humans whom the Devourer had cast a spell upon to hypnotize them to do her bidding.
"MAGES! PREPARE YOUR STAFFS!" roared Thammaron. "TAKE AIM!" Thammaron sucked in air to make his final call. "FIRE!" A wave of ice spells came crashing upon Amscut's possessed army, freezing the first three rows. Simialr shadow and smoke spells were fired as well, blinding and poisoning the front line. Then came the blood spells from the vampire Draynor, the most powerful of all vampires, and his target's life seemed to just drain away in a red smoke.
"DEMONS!" Thammaron bellowed. "BREAK THEIR LINES!" First the Greater Demons flew in, landing in the middle of the army and smashing them with their massive weapons and wiping them out, and then their lesser counterparts, along with many imps, came crashing into their already weakened front line, wiping them out with such ease and viciousness, that they knew that victory would come within the hour.

"To the keep!" Azzanadra pointed his diamond sword at the castle of Amscut. "Bring the Devourer out alive!"
Three legions rushed to the un-guarded backside of the fortress, destroying everything in their path, and killing the undead that inhabited the interior. Azzanadra lead the way to the highest tower, where Amsacut was fending off the Greater Demons sent by Zamorak. Azzanadra pointed his magical sword at her, and the ice diamond on his sword glowed as a silver substance shot at her, freezing her for several seconds, which was enough for the largest of the Greater Demons to grab her and bring her back to their Lord.

The now tiny forces of Amscut were retreating back to the fortress, only to be massacred by Azzanadra's forces that occupied the castle. Soon the forces were rounded up and slaughtered. The orders of Zaros had been carried out.


Amscut's lips trembled, along with the rest of her body, partly from the cold nights of Senntisten, and maybe because of her tattered and ripped robes, but mostly because of the Empty Lord's anger, and his power, which was enough to end her life in any second.
"You have mocked me time and time again!" she trembled at Zaros' voice. "Your wretched filth has defiled my lands! This will stop!"
"Y-y-yes l-lord Zaros," she stammered, and then began to cry. "J-just l-let m-m-me g-go free!"
"You are bound with adamantine chains, your army has just been annihilated and your power has been drained!" Treus Dayth, a cunning Mahjarrat warrior known as 'The Serpent' cut in. "You are in no position to bargain."
"Zamorak, get this wretch out of my court!" Zaros ordered. From the anger in Zaros' voice, not only Treus Dyth shook with fear. Zamorak grabbed him and dragged him across the courtroom and threw him into the courtyard. The Empty Lord turned towards Amscut, his evil appearance frightening her even more. Suddenly, Amscut dropped down and fainted. "Remove her from my sight!"
"Shall I kill her?" Zamorak asked.
"You have much to learn, Zamorak," Zaros spoke. "If you kill her, she will be freed from all suffering. Let her linger on in the desert, where she will remain for a milenia!"
Zamorak nodded, and cast a teleportation spell on the unconscious Devourer. Immedately, purple cubes surrounded her, then disappeared, and she was gone.

Several hours later, Amsacut awoke to a blinding sun and extreme heat. She looked up to see mountains rising above the desert ground. She looked behind her and saw huge cliffs. She was trapped. She tried to use magic to quench her thirst and relieve the heat, but it was no use. She fell to her knees and cried out with despair. At that moment, many thoughts came to her, but what she did not know was that she would be trapped in that desert for a thousand years.

There you have it, probably my first Runescape-related story that's any good.