Ape Atoll

The Map

Hello! Welcome to Ape Atoll, the city of our ancestors. To enter this City you need to either have done or are doing the Monkey Madness Quest. To be here you are highly recommended to have 43 prayer, a few anti-poison potions and high level food (Lobsters and upwards), or a Monkey gree-gree and Monkey speak amulet (these are obtained during the Monkey madness quest). When using a monkey gree-gree you cannot be attacked by anything (except random events) and nor can you attack anything. Also when a monkey, the magic page is gone, so you can't cast spells.

The Island

  • To get here, Talk to Daero, on the 2nd floor of the Grand tree. Then talk to Waydar. Then talk to Lumbo. After you have talked to Lumbo, Welcome!

    The Boat

    During your stay there are many Banana trees and pineapple plants, so be sure to bring a knife for the pineapples.

  • Also if you have a high fishing level, and bring a Harpoon/Big net, Axe (hatchet) and tinderbox, You may fish and cook some sharks and/or big net fish.

    Fishing Spot

  • Anyway, As you come to the island, walk through the jungle, go west, and you will find a Big gate to enter this city. If you are human, you are recommended to put on protect from range targets, and drink an anti-poison potion before or after the monkey rangers shoot you. If your a monkey, you should already know what to do. You will be allowed through unharmed. Because they think your a monkey!


  • Before you go all the way west, you will find a Long and Dangerous tunnel. Used many times during the quest.

    The Tunnel...

  • After you get shot, you will be in a jail.

    The Jail

    Do NOT stand near the door when the Jail guard is near you, he will punch you (No protection prayers stop the damage) hard, and you will take damage. When he starts to walk to the little square box. Picklock the door and run outside, and run north of the jail, if he comes back, either get back into jail or go to the little square bit next to your jail cell. But be warned there is a poisonous spider there, and they respawn like every second. Once your outside, be cautious, there are level 38 scorpions outside, and they can hit about 15 (Bit weird, Huh?).

  • Once out there, you may speak to a camouflaged gnome, name Karam. If you go east, you may recharge prayer, and/or train in there. This is a very good training spot, which many people use BUT there is a poisonous spider around there and you MUST have 43 prayer for protect from melee. Also at the far end of the room, there is a trapdoor.


    Have fun getting down it since you can't walk through the monkeys there. When downstairs there are zombie monkeys. The wall of flame there is used during the monkey madness quest to make the Monkey speak amulet.

    Flame Wall

    At the other end of the room is nothing really. A gate that can't be picklocked. But in the room is a monkey skull. So my theory is there will be a Monkey Madness 2.

    Closed Gate

    Think about it. Monkey skull for a new type of gree-gree, all the 10th squad are to remain undercover still investigating, and Awowogei is still thinking to make peace with the humans. (Sorry I don't want to ruin the quest story line for you!).

  • The Shops and Other Areas

    1. General store isn't that great. They sell a pot and a jug.

      General Store

    2. Magic store is quite good. They sell Fire runes, air runes, earth runes, water runes, law runes, gnomes eyes, Monkey talisman (Blank gree-gree) and monkey dentures. Lots of people come to this island just to buy the law runes as they are sold cheap here.

      Magic Store

    3. The scimitar shop isn't that great either.it sells Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril and also Dragon Scimitars after the quest. If you trade him during the quest, He will say he is waiting for some more stock, and there will be none in stock.

      Scimitar Store

    4. The crafting shop sells a chisel, ring mould, necklace mould, Monkey amulet mould, needle, thread and a ball of wool.

      Crafting Store

    5. Then you have the food stall. This shop sells food that you can't get anywhere else. It sells Monkey nuts, a Banana, A banana stew and some monkey chocolate.

      Food Store

    6. Behind the magic shop is a room. This is used to get the Monkey dentures and the Monkey speak amulet mould, During the quest.

      Behind the Magic Shop

      The monkey dentures are upstairs, and the Mould is downstairs. Also downstairs be careful, if you agility is low, you could fall and hit around 25 when you fall. But down there, Nearly all of the crates are full of bananas so you can take as many as you like.

      Cellar Crates

      Also upstairs, south of the Monkey dentures room, is a fishing spot, to harpoon for sharks and/or do some Big net fishing. I recommend using the fishing spot all the way west in the jungle part though, no scorpions there, and some trees to cut down and burn.

    7. Also for more bananas, see your Nephew *cough cough* and there are some banana trees there.

      Banana Trees

    8. Now to leave the island. If you are a Monkey simply use the gate you used to come in. Or if you are a human, south of the temple where the Monkey guards are, climb up the ladder, and jump off of the bridge. You should be right next to lumbo.

      Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps!