Ape Atoll Dungeon

Can be found in the southern jungle of Ape Atoll. It is infested with extremely hard monsters and traps. It is advised to have 43 Prayer when exploring this dungeon, in order to protect against the melee attacks from the monsters inside.


This dungeon is a winding maze that has many dangerous areas. They include traps that can hit up to 8 and massive monsters.


At the end of this dungeon is Zooknock, who is a large part of the Monkey Madness quest. He is the person who makes your monkey greegree. Monsters will not be aggressive to you, if you are in your monkey form (wielding monkey greegree).


Training using Ancient Magicks
Training using Ancient Magicks

The dungeon has some use for training, as all of the monsters are aggressive regardless of level. That, coupled with the fact that it's a multi-combat area and that there are many, many monsters, make this a desirable place to train using Ancient Magicks. A player who stands beneath one of the many rock ledges (providing protection from falling rocks) needs only to bring Anti-poison potions and Prayer potions. Players can cast ice burst or barrage on several level 142 Skeletons attacking at once. The player must be using Protect from Melee or he/she will die in a matter of seconds. Players also buy lots of Red Chinchompas to train Range as they hit multiple units at the same time.


In the big rooms, there are easily avoidable spike traps along the ground that appear as dots. They hit 4 if stood on.

Regularly, the screen will shake and if you are not sheltering under an overhanging rock, you will be hit by falling rocks.

There are some poisonous traps towards the end of the dungeon.

The sheer length of the dungeon is another problem, as you will need to drink 6 doses of energy potion to maintain your run.


  • Skeletons (level 142)
  • Zombie Monkey (level 98)