Barbarian Outpost

Located to the northeast of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, the Barbarian Outpost is home to both a popular Agility training arena, as well as the Barbarian Assault Mini-Game. This is also where you can start the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl, which you need to finish in order to enter.

Getting There

Barbarian Outpost is located north across the bridge from the Waterfall quest start or Baxtorian falls! Apart from the bridge; there are 4 other ways of getting to Barbarian Outpost:

Sapphire necklaceThe first one is by using a games necklace which can be crafted using a necklace mould, gold bar and a cut sapphire and then enchanted. For more details, see the Crafting guide.
LyreThe Second way is by teleporting to Rellekka, using a Lyre, and then taking the Lighthouse route.
Law runeThe third way of getting there is by using the House Teleport (if your house is in Rellekka) and then take the Lighthouse route.
AgilityThe last way of getting there is by using a agility shortcut in the very north-east of the Tree Gnome Stronghold you need a agility level of 37 to do it.

Map of the Area

A map of the outpost 


(1) Deposit Box

The deposit box is like a bank and works similar to it except that you can only deposit and not withdraw which is useful if you want to cut willows and normal logs and bank them this may also make barbarian outpost a good place to teleport to bank things such as snape grass if you have lots of necklaces.

The deposite box

(2) Entrance to Barbarian Assault

The entrance to the Barbarian Assault minigame.

Entrance to the barbarian assault game

(3) The Willows

There are around 7 willows in barbarian outpost but the only good ones for cutting are the ones in the picture as the others are more widely spread and are further from the bank. This is a great place to cut as it is normally quiet and it is very close to a deposit box.

Willow trees

(4) The Rocks

These rocks lead up to the Lighthouse be careful though as you can easily slip and fall and the damage given could be anything up to 8+ so the higher your agility level the better.

These rocks lead to the lighthouse

(5) Agility Arena

This arena is great to train from 30-40 for further information look at the Agility Guide it's best to go around the course with as light as clothes as possible such as boots of lightness or spotted/spottier capes. Though going round in any boots/gloves/amulet/cape works well just as long as your not wearing head gear or any armour that weighs a lot!

The agility training course

(6) Entrance to the Agility Arena

To access the Barbarian agility arena, you first need to have 30 agility and to have completed the Barcrawl mini-game, which you can start by speaking to the Barbarian Guard outside.

The entrance to the agility arena

(7) To the Baxtorian Falls

The bridge to the Baxtorian falls or the start of the Waterfall Quest can be found south of the outpost and is the best way in if you can't get a games necklace

This bridge leads to the baxtorian falls

(8) Lots of Trees!

This is a great place for either beginner woodcutters or fletchers as it contains over 10 normal trees and over 2 oaks! Which makes it a great place to make shafts or bows up to oak also you could stay here till 99 if you wanted as it has all the tree's that get you there quickest! Is this the new Draynor?

Regular trees, and oak trees


Barbarian Guard


Captain Cain

Captain cain

Commander Connad

Commander connad



Private Paldon


Private Pendron


Private Pierreb

Private pierreb

Barbarians (Level 10 and 17)


Chicken (Level 2)