Chompy Bird Hunting

Chompy bird hunting is a fun mini game that you can play after you complete the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest and it is members only. Killing chompy birds requires monstrous muscles, the speedy reflexes of a ranger, a sneaky mind, and the skilled hands of a fletcher. Hunting game like chompy birds is challenging, yet fun. Doing so is a much more fun (and a lot faster) way of getting valuable feathers. Also, an experienced hunter can show off his skills by wearing a priceless chompy hat. To start the chompy hunting mini game, come down far south to the Feldip Hills, south of Yanille (Fairy Ring teleport code AKS). You can also hunt in the areas south of Castle Wars (Fairy Ring teleport code BKP). The habitat of the chompy birds is shaded in yellow in the map below and the swamps where you can find the needed toads are indicated in green.

The location of the chompy birds

You can also hunt jubbly birds after starting the Skrach 'Bone Crusher' Uglogwee part of the Recipe for Disaster quest. Jubbly birds are much larger than chompies, but they inhabit the same area and are hunted using the same weapons and arrows. Like chompies, baiting them requires swamp toads, but with some additions.

What you will need

It's important to bring along everything you will need. Depending on where you are hunting, you might use the Castle Wars bank chest or the Yanille city bank. If you have access to the Feldip Hills glider site (requires One Small Favour quest), the Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree bank is convenient to the southeast hunting grounds. The Fairy Ring teleport network offers other travel options as well.

Items you will need
Pic Name Notes
 Ogre bow Ogre Bow One of two bows you can use to kill chompy birds. Pay Rantz 500-600gp for it. Requires Ogre or Brutal arrows.
 Ogre Arrows Ogre Arrows Arrows used with Ogre and Composite ogre bows. Fletchable, see below for details.
Composite Ogre bow Composite Ogre Bow One of two bows you can use to kill chompy birds. Obtainable or Fletchable after completing the Zogre Flesh Eater quest. Only works with Ogre or Brutal Arrows.
Brutal Arrows Brutal Arrows Arrows used with the Ogre and Composite ogre bows. Fletchable, see below for details.
 Bellows Bellows Use with swamp bubbles and then with toads to obtain bloated toads. Required to bait chompy birds.
 Food Food To heal from the blood hungry wolves in the surrounding area.
 Hatchet Hatchet * To cut Achey trees for ogre fletching supplies.
 Chisel Chisel * To make wolfbone arrowtips from wolf bones.
 Knife Knife * To fletch Achey logs.
 Feathers Feathers * For fletching Ogre or Brutal arrows.
 Ball of wool Ball of wool ** For baiting jubbly birds.
 Bronze pickaxe Pickaxe ** For getting rocks to bait jubbly birds.

* Only needed if you are planning to fletch more Ogre arrows or Composite ogre bows.
** Only needed to bait jubbly birds.

  • The Ogre Bow is a massive bow that you receive during the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest. If you lose it, pay Rantz 500-600 coins for a new one (the price changes after every purchase).
  • Ogre Arrows are massive arrows that are used to kill chompy birds. These (and Brutal arrows) are the only arrows that will kill the bird. To make them you will need feathers, a knife, a chisel and a hatchet. First, look for an Achey Tree. They are all over the east side of the swamp and one is shown below. Cut the tree and you will get some Achey logs. Use your knife with the logs to make some Ogre Arrow shafts. You will need Level 5 fletching to fletch the arrows. You will receive between 2 to 6 shafts per log. Now use your feathers with the shafts. Four feathers are used per shaft.
Achey Tree
  • For Wolfbone Arrow Tips go kill some level 64 wolves (there are some south west of Rantz) and pick up their bones. Now use the chisel with the bones and you will have some wolfbone arrowtips. You will receive between 2 to 6 tips per bone. Now use these with your headless arrows and presto! You've made some Ogre Arrows! Alternatively, you can kill level 34 wolves on White Wolf Mountain and use their bones instead. Canifis werewolves also drop wolf bones.
  • Ogre Bellows can be found in a chest in the cave north of Rantz. This is used to prepare bait for chompy birds. It is extremely handy to have 2 or more Ogre Bellows with you! To get 2, go to the cave north of Rantz, drop your Ogre Bellows on the ground, then go to the chest and get another bellows. Now pick up the Ogre Bellows you dropped and you will have two!
  • The Composite Ogre Bow is slightly less beastly than the regular ogre bow. It is like a shortbow, and shoots fast, but with little range. It is the same strength as the regular ogre bow. To make a composite ogre bow you need 30 fletching and must have completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest. Cut an achey tree and use a knife on the logs with wolf bones in your pack to make the bow. Now add a bowstring and you're set (you can buy bowstrings from "Uglug's stuffsies"). Also, you can sell your composite bows to Uglug in the Zogre camp or to Hickton in Catherby. In the rest of this guide, the words "ogre bow" usually imply both the Ogre bow and the Composite Ogre bow, as either one is permissible.
  • Brutal Arrows: To make brutal arrows, you must fletch achey shafts. Each shaft requires 4 feathers to be tailed. Using a hammer, you attach nails to the shafts. Each bar can be smithed to produce 15 nails. You can sell and buy brutal arrows at Uglug's Stuffsies shop (at the Zogre camp).

The Basics

Chompy bird hunting is the art of killing chompies. Chompies give you tons of feathers, chompy meat (heals 10, gives 140 cooking exp, weighs 10kg, and must be cooked on a spit), and eventually, new chompy bird hats. The trick is, they are not your regular animal. These little buggers are speedy devils and are usually always flying around in the sky, out of range of your ogre bow. The only time they will ever fly down to the ground is to grab a quick snack, and then fly back up in the sky. But how can we catch them? We need to set a trap where they are located as shown on the map above.

To set a trap, we first need some Ogre Bellows. The chompy bird's favourite food is Bloated Frogs, so hunters need to get some. To make a Bloated Frog, first fill up your Ogre Bellows with swamp bubbles. The swamp bubbles are located at certain points on the edges of the swamps. When you fill your bellows, you will have 3 uses before the gas runs out and you will have to refill it. Around the swamp, there will be a bunch of toads hopping around. Use your filled Ogre Bellows with a toad to fill it up. Now you will have a bloated toad. You can hold up to three bloated toads in your pack.

Filling up your bellows with swamp bubbles Using your filled bellows with a toad to bloat it up!

Stand on the square where you want to drop your bait and then click on the bloated toad. Congratulations, you set your trap! Now, stand around there for a bit, and if you are lucky, a chompy bird will fly down to eat your bait! This is where the challenge begins! With your mighty Ogre Bow wielded, get ready for the chompy to come. It can take from 15-30 seconds for a bird to see your trap, so watch for a bit. Any second, a chompy bird can fly down!

The chompy bird flying in for your bait!

Crikey! He can startle you! If he sees you, he will screech and then run away, but if you're quick enough you can still kill him! If you're a good hider, you can see he will go right for your bait!

He's going for the toad - range it before it gets away!

The level 6 chompy bird has appeared, so now is your chance to range it! Stay nearby because the bird can run pretty fast! Attack the bird while you have the chance!

Sniped chompy bird

With a couple of strong blows, you should have no problem killing it. The chompy bird has 10 hp and it is quite possible to kill it quickly. It is a challenge though, because it runs randomly like a headless chicken! Also, they can be hard to spot sometimes! If your reaction is quick enough, you should have no trouble killing the bird. However, if your luck is low and you are too slow killing it, then the chompy bird will fly away, even if it has 1hp left and in combat!

The chompy bird flying away

If you were lucky enough to kill the creature, you automatically scratch a mark on your Ogre Bow. Also, once the bird is down, make sure to pluck it. You can get 10-50 feathers! However, sometimes you can set bait and a bird will not come; this is normal and annoying. Lastly, be aware that sometimes a chompy bird will come for another person's bait. If this happens, you will not be able to attack the other bird. Your bird will have an arrow over its head.

Speed hunting

Speed hunting is the art of killing chompy birds constantly and quickly. It can only be done in the area next to the swamp with the toads around it, as you need a quick 'supply' of swamp gas and toads for this. Unfortunately, it only works when you are by yourself, or if there is only one other person there. Also, it can only be done if the wolves are no longer aggressive to you (they stop attacking you after 10-15 minutes if you stand in the general area). To speed hunt, some players like to use at least 2 Ogre bellows.

Now you are trying to kill the chompy bird as fast as possible. First of all, fill up both your Ogre bellows with swamp gas. Now fill up a frog then drop it. Repeat this over and over until you eventually have to refill your bellows. This only works when you are by yourself or with few people so there will always be toads available to fill up. It is a generally good idea to count to 7 in your head before setting a new toad down. You should have about 5-6 bloated frogs lying around.

Setting many bloated toads as chompy bait nearby the swamp

Try to keep a steady stream of setting toads. Now for the hard part. Chompy birds will be coming down in fast intervals unless you waited a bit between setting each trap as suggested earlier. Try to kill the chompy, get your arrows and feathers, and then set more toads up. The key is keeping a steady cycle of dropping toads, killing a chompy, drop toads, kill a chompy and so on. Also, never pick up the chompy meat because it weighs 10kg and you will lose your energy faster when running. Also, it is not a good idea to cook it at the spit near the cave entrance because if you leave the area and come back, the wolves will start attacking you again. However, you might use your own iron spit (see Smithing Guide) to cook them on a fire.

Many chompy birds to hunt

The advantages are that you can get chompy kills a lot faster; getting your kills up for new hats and more feathers. The disadvantages are that it's harder to do, you can only do it by yourself or with few people, and the chompy birds sometimes come a bunch at a time and some will get away if you are too slow.

Another application of this method is as follows. Fill your inventory with around 20 bellows (get from chest then drop on ground, get from chest - do that 20 times) and fill up all those bellows with swamp gas. Then you don't have to run and fill them every minute. Walk over to the opposite side of the spot where you fill your bellows and make 3 inflated frogs. Place them quickly, make 3 new frogs while you are waiting, and place them next to the others. Soon you will get so many chompies to range that time flies faster then usual! Be careful with placing too many frogs though, since you can suddenly have 5 or 7 chompies flying around and have trouble killing them all before they leave. Also, people like to steal your arrows if you don't have time to pick them up.

Levels and Chompy Hats

Ogre levels are the levels you achieve from killing a certain amount of chompy birds. To see what level you are and how many chompy bird kills you have, right click on your Ogre Bow, and press 'Check kills'. A window will pop up and say how many kills you have and what Ogre level you are in your chat window.

Chompy bird hats are the prizes you receive from getting a certain Ogre levels. There is a hat for every Ogre level from Ogre Bowman and upward. Each hat is slightly different, and this lets others see around how many chompy birds you have killed. To get a chompy bird hat, use your Ogre bow with Rantz. You will get all the hats up to your current level, including the previous ones if you do not have them already. There are three different types of hats, and each type comes in six colours. There are six 1-feathered hats, six 3-feathered hats, and six 5-feathered hats. A hat with more feathers shows that you are a more experienced hunter. Chompy bird hats are untradeable. If you lose yours, see Rantz and he'll give it to you again.

Chompy hats and levels
Hat Kills Chompy level
N/A 3 Ogre Novice
N/A 4 Novice
N/A 6 Ogre Beginner
N/A 10 Beginner
N/A 15 Ogre Learner
N/A 20 Learner
 1 Feather Plain 30 Ogre Bowman
 1 Feather Green 40 Bowman
 1 Feather Red 50 Ogre Yeoman
 1 Feather Black 70 Yeoman
 1 Feather Blue 95 Ogre Marksman
 1 Feather Gold 125 Marksman
 3 Feather Plain 170 Ogre woodsman
 3 Feather Green 225 Woodsman
 3 Feather Red 300 Ogre Forester
 3 Feather Black 400 Forester
 3 Feather Blue 550 Ogre Bowmaster
 3 Feather Gold 700 Bowmaster
 5 Feather Plain 1000 Ogre Expert
 5 Feather Green 1300 Expert
 5 Feather Red 1700 Ogre Dragon Archer
 5 Feather Black 2250 Dragon Archer
 5 Feather Blue 3000 Expert Ogre Dragon Archer
 5 Feather Gold 4000 Expert Dragon Archer

Upon reaching 4000 kills, an Expert Dragon Archer earns a one-time bonus reward of 30,000 xp!

Jubbly Birds

To be able to kill jubbly birds, you'll have to do the Skrach 'Bone Crusher' Uglogwee part of the Recipe for Disaster quest. During and after the quest, you'll be able to bait and kill jubbly birds.

Baiting jubbly birds is slightly different from chompies. Use your ogre bellows full of swamp gas on a toad to get it into your inventory. Now, go north of the place where you originally met Rantz. Mine a piece out of the rock a little northeast of the cave entrance (marked with a symbol on mini-map) and then use the bellows on the same toad again while having a ball of wool and a rock in your inventory to make a new kind of bait. Now, drop the bait somewhere in the hunting grounds and move away from it. It looks like a tethered balloon! Hopefully, a jubbly bird will soon appear. Attack and kill it as usual, using your Ogre bow or Composite ogre bow with Ogre arrows or Brutal arrows.

Like chompies, jubbly birds must be cooked on a spit. Jubbly birds are even larger and heavier than chompies, so do not expect to run far carrying them. NOTE: Jubbly bird kills count towards your chompy bird hat level. However, due to their higher hit point level and the lengthy time needed to prepare the bait, killing them in bulk is not recommended.

Tips and FAQ

  • It's handy to have 'run' set as default instead of walk because it is easier to catch up to the chompy birds if they run away. Remember to set it in the Player Controls menu. The only time it's not recommended is if you are picking up chompy bird meat, because it is heavy.
  • It is recommended to use the rapid fire attack mode for the Ogre bow, because otherwise it is too slow.
  • Two bellows are suggested; it makes it a lot easier and faster to set bloated toads for bait.
  • If there is a large crowd and you're finding it hard to get frogs, remember that more than one person can get a frog at the same time.
  • Don't worry if you are getting a lot of duds. Just ignore it and keep a steady fast pace of planting frogs.
  • It is much better to kill chompies at the chompy grounds south of Castle Wars and west of Yanille. At these swamps there are many more frogs and swamp bubbles. There are also 2 different swamps so there is lots of room to kill them! Also, you can chill with Gargh, Gargh and Scarg, who are ogre expert chompy hunters!
  • If you want to make some money, you can sell your raw chompies to Uglug (at the Zogre camp - you must have completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest and have given him the cure disease potion to get to his shop) for 85 coins, and cooked Chompies for 130 coins!
  • Raw chompies are an ingredient in wild pies, but at 10kg each, carrying them until you have enough to bank becomes a problem. A partially made wild pie (with only raw bear meat) weighs almost nothing. After adding a chompy to it, it still weighs nothing! So avoid the weight problem by bringing along part wild pies with raw bear meat and adding raw chompies on the spot. Don't bring along more then 20 part wild pies, because you need space for 2 bellows, feathers, arrows, 3 toads and at least 1 raw chompy. When you've added raw chompies to all of them, you can go directly to a bank. Later, add the last ingredient (raw rabbit) before cooking.

Q: Sometimes it won't let me kill a chompy! Why won't it let me kill it?
A: You can't attack other peoples' chompy birds. You know a chompy bird is yours if you see an arrow over its head.

Q: Do you get fewer duds if you are a higher Ogre level?
A: This is only a rumour.

Q: Can I use a Willow, Maple or Magic Composite Bow to kill chompies?
A: According to the Jagex Knowledge Base, Treasure Trails composite bows will not fire the ogre arrows or bolts needed to kill chompies and jubblies.

Q: Should I use the regular Ogre Bow or the Composite Ogre Bow?
A: The Composite Ogre bow shoots extremely fast on rapid, therefore it is a good idea to use it when chompy hunting. However, the range of the Composite Bow is not very far on this setting. The best answer is to use the regular Ogre bow for far away Chompies, and switch to the rapid setting on the Composite bow when you are nearby! Although for convenience, you are better off sticking to one bow.

Most of all, have a good time doing this and don't spend too much time killing them in one long stretch. Killing chompies is an excellent way to get feathers, and you can usually get a thousand after around 50 kills. Also, chompy hats are the new style!