Dragon Slayer Quest Story

Joshua walked into the halls of the Champion’s Guild. He was amazed. Tidy, quiet, significant everything down to the stoves!
“Welcome to the Champion’s Guild,” said the Guildmaster. “Can I help you with anything?”

“Actually, yes…” Joshua responded. “Where can I get a Rune Platebody? I know of no merchants who actually sell them…”
“Ah, then you will have to speak to Oziach.” the guildmaster said. “He lives at Edgeville. But, he is an odd one. Ask him about the Rune Plates.”
Oziach, Joshua thought. “Okay, thanks, miss!” he said. As he walked out the door, he collided with another champion entering.
“Ow! Man, watch where you’re going!” said the man. He looked to be about 17, wearing a black vest-like shirt and an impressive black cavalier.
“S-Sorry…” said Joshua. “My bad.”
“You here to get a Rune Platebody, too?” he asked.
“Yes, how did you know?” Joshua said.
“Well, I was told by one of my friends that I could get a Rune Platebody here…”
“Oh, well the guildmaster told me that a guy named Oziach had ‘em!” Joshua told him.
“Okay! Great! Let’s go! By the way, my name’s Vindi!”
“Right behind you! And I’m Joshua!”

Josh and Vindi ran through Barbarian Village, and Vindi suddenly stopped.
“These are the ones who destroyed my village…” he said suddenly, as he unsheathed his sword. “I just have to…”
“Have to what? Vindi, no!” Joshua exclaimed as Vindi raised his Magical Adamant Longsword. “I’m sorry…I just have to!” He attacked one of the barbarian men and cut him cleanly in two. “We can go now.” Vindi said abruptly, as he put his sword away.
Joshua stood there mouth agape. Then they both began running north towards edgeville before they got into too much trouble there.

After they got to Oziach’s house, they were unpleasantly surprised.
“Well, if you want to buy some of my Rune Platebodies, you need to prove to me you are worthy.

“And what do we need to do to prove ourselves?” asked Vindi.
“Well, you need to slay the green dragon Elvarg that lives on Crandor Island.”
“Oh, phew…” Joshua said. “I thought it would be something tough…I’ve fought dragons since I was 9!”
“Well that is good, but…there’s a problem.” Oziach said.
“What is the problem?” Vindi asked.
“Well, you see…I don’t have the map.” Oziach began. “It was stolen and split into three pieces. The pieces were given to the oracle of the Mountain to our east, a goblin that was then jailed for theft, and the last piece was kept by the thief.”
“What is the thief’s name?” Joshua queried.
“His name is Melzar. But, luckily, I managed to snatch this key.” Oziach showed them the worn out key.

“Melzar lives in a strange mansion full of monsters who all hold a key similar to this one, but of different colors.” Oziach began. “These keys will get you through his house. But, some say he has gone mad, so be careful when you meet him.”
“Well, I don’t think a crazy person will be much of a challenge,” Vindi said. “I’ve dealt with loopy people before.”
“Good,” said Oziach. “Now, the dragon won’t just drop dead, then, now will it?”

Joshua and Vindi began to leave, but Vindi ran into someone and they all fell over.
“Oh, man, I am so sorry,” Joshua said. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” said the lady. She was a few inches taller than Joshua, and a few years older than Vindi. She had blonde hair that went to her elbows. She had blue eyes, and was very well armed. She had a desert shirt, desert boots, 2 sheathed Dragon weapons, one was a Longsword the other a Battleaxe. She had a Dragon Plateskirt, and she also had a strange amulet with a green pebble in the middle, which Joshua remembered to be a gnomish amulet of protection. She also looked eager to leave.
“What’s up?” Joshua asked. “Why are you leaving when you just barely showed up?”
“Well, I kind of overheard your conversation, and well, you opened the door I was leaned up against.” She said. “By the way, my name is Jen. My real name is Jennifer, but no one calls me that anymore…”
“I’m Vindi, and this is Joshua,” Vindi told Jen. Well, obviously you have heard of Oziach, right? Let’s go together!”

“Well, I think I would rather not…” Jen said. “I’m just not really…a people person.”
“That’s okay, I doubt Vindi is either!” Joshua said, and they both laughed.
“HEY!” Vindi shouted. Jen and Joshua continued laughing, and Vindi blushed.
“Okay…I guess I can come with you guys…” Jen said finally. “I guess our first stop is at Port Sarim, right?”
“Yeah, Oziach spoke of a goblin imprisoned for theft, and the jail is right near the Port.” Vindi said as the trio walked south through the dead woods near Count Draynor’s manor. “Man, this place gives me the creeps…” Vindi said, and shuddered. “Reeks of Vampires.”

The trio finally found the run-down jailhouse after pulling Jen away from the Jewelry Shop. They heard quite a bit of noise inside and they saw a young man holding a goblin in one of the cages by the nose.
“Give me the stupid map piece, you dumb green freak!” screamed the man. He looked over towards the three, who were standing still, and he let go of the goblin’s nose and it fell to the ground gasping for air. He took one look at Jen and his mouth dropped. “Rowr, you’re a cutie…” he said. “Uh…I mean…*ahem*…H…h-hello there.”
Vindi and Joshua both snickered, and Jen smacked Joshua on the face. “Ow…” Joshua muttered.

The man appeared to be Vindi’s age, with a smile that looked like it belonged to a demon. They had discovered his extremely short temper, and he was wearing a Saradomin Platebody, a Fremmenik Warrior’s Helm, Dragon Platelegs, and had an Abbysal whip coiled up sitting on a hook in his belt. He seemed to be staring at Jen the whole time, moving his lips but making no noise.
“Sorry, she just reminds me of someone…I used to know…” he said, his voice fading away.
“Well we just need the map from the goblin.” Jen told him.
“H-h-h-h-h-h-h-here! Just take it!” the goblin said. He took the map piece and crumpled it up, then threw it over the cell gate. The goblin then went into a corner and sat down in a fetal position and started muttering to himself.
Joshua smiled. “Hey, that was easy!” he said. “I had a spare 50k cash to pay him off for the map!”

“Well, apparently we all need the map piece, so we might as well skip the introductions and get going.” Jen said.
“Fine with me.” Vindi said.
“Okay!” said Joshua
“G-great! S-sounds great!” said Charley. “Well, I guess we should go see the Oracle next.”
“Right, she has the second map piece.” Jen said. “It will be easy. The oracle is crazy, so we should have no trouble getting the map piece.”
“Well, let’s get going then!” said Vindi, and they all left the jailhouse to return to falador. “Bring your gold, just in case.” he said to Joshua and they all laughed.

The group walked up towards the snowy summit of the mountain. As they reached the top, they saw not one but two white colored figures. They were meditating.
Suddenly the boy opened his eyes and looked at the oracle.

The boy was about Joshua’s age and height, dressed in full druid robes, along with a white wizard’s hat and dragonhide boots dyed white. He had laid out beside him: two white colored dragon daggers with poisoned tips, a quiver full of arrows with grey heads, and a battlestaff. He also had a pestal and mortar filled with a strange green liquid in it, and a satchel full of herbs.
He then poured the green contents into a vial, and drunk it up, then giving the oracle a sip. They both looked extremely relaxed after the potion. “Ahhhh…” said the druid boy. “Man, I can’t wait to give this to Sanfew. I will be away from the title of initiate for good!”
“You said it,” said the oracle. “It gets really cold up here, and who would’ve thought that you could mix an antipoison and a defense potion to create this amazing fire potion!”
“Yes, just as long as it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands…” said the boy.
“*AHEM*” Joshua cleared his throat loudly. The druid boy looked over at him.
“Oh, I am sorry, did you want some?” he asked, and held up the vial. “It works VERY well. Trust me, my cousin and I have been sitting up here for hours wi…”
“The oracle is your cousin?” Charley interupted. “Does that mean he could give us the map piece?”
“Well…” the oracle began…

“…the map piece lies just beneath me.” the oracle finished. “But, there is no knob, the door is unbreakable, and you need four objects to get in there.”
“Well, what do we need?” asked Jen.
“You must take these things to the door.” the oracle informed them. “They are: a sheet of wormstring, a wizard’s beverage, a bowl that has yet to see fire, and lastly, and a crustacean cage.”
“Oh come on!” Vindi yelled. “Why can’t you just tell us where the bloody thing is!”
“I am sorry, my friend. But if you want to prove yourself worthy of the map, you must solve the riddle.”
“A clay bowl…” Charley said. “A bowl yet to see fire, that was an easy one.”
“And the crustacean cage obviously means a Lobster Pot,” said Jen.
“But what of the ’sheet of wormstring’?” asked Vindi. “Wait, I got it! We get king’s worms, and we smash them with a metal bar!”
Everyone, including Vindi, laughed.
“Hahaha!” said the druid. “That was truly funny,” he said and laughed again. “But really, I believe that he is referring to the silkworm.”
“The silkworm?” asked Jen. “I heard they use them to make silks, but I thought that was just a jest!”
She pulled a piece of silk out of her pocket. “We can use this,” she said. “I carry it around for cleaning poisons off of my armor when I fight poisonous spiders or when I duel people.”
“Well, that just leaves the…” Joshua began, then noticed Vindi standing next to him with a clay bowl that hadn’t been cooked yet. “Where the heck did you get that?”

“Well,” Vindi said. “While you were all talking I went and bought this from the ceramics expert in falador.”
“Ok, well I am going to go pick up the Lobster Pot,” said Vindi. He rubbed his Amulet of Glory, and disappeared in a flash of purple light.
“Ok, well now we need a wizard beverage,” said Joshua. “That must mean a Wizard Mind Bomb, they sell those at the bar in Falador.”
“Um…well…” Vindi stammered. “I actually carry a keg of it around for fighting demons with my magic…” he said as he pulled a miniature sized keg filled with Mind Bomb.
“Hey, there’s Jen!” Joshua shouted and pointed behind them all. “And she has the cage!”
“Okay, then we have everything!” Vindi said. “Let’s go!”
“Wait, can I come with you guys?” asked the druid boy. “I can tell you are going to fight Elvarg, and I need some green dragon scale for my next potion.”
“Well, that sounds great!” said Jen. “It’s not like our group can get any bigger, right?”
“By the way, what’s your name?” asked Joshua.
“I’m…Lightforce,” he said
The group walked down the mountain and down the ladder into the dwarven mines. They reached the door that the oracle described. Jen knocked on the door. The door, the keg, the silk, the lobster cage, and the clay bowl began to glow, then they disapparated and the door opened. The group walked in, and on the table sat there second map piece.
“There it is!” Charley screamed. “The second piece!”
Jen picked up the piece. They all began to walk out the door.

Vindi suddenly realized something. “STOP!!!” he screamed. Everyone froze.
“What?” Joshua asked.
“Shhh!” Vindi said, and he began to tiptoe over to the door. He tilted it open carefully and looked outside. There was nobody there. “Ok, we’re good. We can go.”
Everyone else realized what he was thinking. Leaving a room didn’t work out very well sometimes. They all went outside and looked around. Nobody new came.
“PHEW!” said Joshua. “I thought we would and up as a posse of six!”
They all sighed in relief. Then they heard a buzz. An old lady landed on top of them.
“Ugh!!!!” screamed Joshua. “Not again!”
“Oh deary me!” the lady said. “I do need to practice my aim when teleporting!” She brushed herself off. “Oh, my, did Kaida land on you? I apologize!”

The old woman appeared to be in her seventies. She had long white hair, piercing blue eyes that appeared to be cuts on her head with eyeballs in them. She hissed when she sounded her s’s. She had a black cane with 2 dragon poisoned daggers tied to it clumsily. She was dressed entirely in black robes, and seemed to have strange dragon-like features. Her smile looked similar to Charley’s.

“Oh…Phew!” said Jen. “I thought we would end up with another member of our group. It’s just an old woman…”

“Okay, sorry!” Jen said quickly. Kaida was breathing heavily.
“Oh, my, my dear child…” she began. “I am so sorry! It’s just the demon part of me. It usually gets the better of me. Now then…”
“Well, ma’am, we were just leaving.” Joshua said calmly, but shakily. “We have the map piece. Now we are just about to go to melzar’s maze of a mansion.” He took deep breaths.
“Oh, Melzar? Ya don’t say!” she said in a giddy voice that sounded much younger than his. “Why, I was just on my way there! You see, I have this amulet given to me by him that lets me teleport anywhere with the right rune stones.” She showed them all the amulet. “But you say you need something from him?”
“Yes, m’lady!” Jen then said. “Do you have anything that could help us?”
“Why yes, my deary, I do!” She gave her a key that was gold with a silver loop. “That opens up a passage to get down to his quarters. Much easier than that nasty maze.”
“Thanks, miss!” Vindi said. “You’re the best!…Er…Does that mean..You want to tag along?”
“Oh, goodness, no!” Kaida said. “I am much to sore to go anywhere!”
Everybody sighed. “PHEW!” Joshua said, then he laughed quietly.
“Goodbye, dearies!” she said and teleported in another flash of purple light.
“That was a close one!” Vindi said. “I wonder if we’ll ever see her again?”
Jen and Charley shrugged.

The posse set forth towards Thurgos Peninsula, where Melzar lived. They quickly found the trap door leading straight to Melzar, and he was dancing around in circles while casting spells. The group learned the spells made cabbages sprout.
“What a waste of flesh…” Charley muttered. “Let’s just sneak past him!”
Everyone nodded, and they went through the door.
“Phew, I thought we’d get caught for sure!” Vindi said and sighed. He heard deep breathing.
“Was that you, Vindi?” Joshua said hopefully.
“N-n-n-no…”Vindi whispered meekly and turned around. There they saw a towering demon more than twice any of there sizes. They all screamed.

“RUN!” Vindi screamed to the rest, and pulled his battlestaff. He muttered a spell and the demon was blown into a wall. Joshua ran up and slashed at its head, but was thrown off when the demon scrambled to his feet. The demon started towards Joshua who was sprawled over a table. Jen tossed a rock at it, and it started towards her. She charged at it, but before she even reached it, the demon fell to the floor.
“What the he-” Jen started.
“HAHA!” Charley shouted. “I am the king of battle! Man, did you see how fast i was going! If I weren’t part demon that speed would’ve killed me! Hoo!”
“PART DEMON?” Everyone else screamed.
“I mean…uh…uh-oh…” Charley stammered. “Well yeah…I’m…um…Hooboy…”

“Well, I got attacked by a demon.” Charley said. “It scratched me, I killed it, and I got demon blood spilled on the open wound. So now, I am part demon.” he ended.
“Well as long as you don’t go crazy and attack us, then you can stay with us.” Jen said. Everyone except Lightforce laughed.
“What’s up Lightforce?” asked Joshua.
“I…well…the potion kind of keeps me away from my normal mood.” said Lightforce gloomily. “That is the other reason i take it. For example.” He pulled out the strange liquid. He drank but a tiny drop. “It makes me really happy, and I really like this mood. I kinda got addicted to it.” he said in a strangely cheerful voice. “But I kinda want to stop. It has been giving me headaches. That is my next potion. Something that heals addictions…” he said gloomily. “That is why I am in need of green dragonscale.”

After hearing Lightforce’s story, everyone was quiet on the trip up back to Oziach but there thoughts were all racing furiously…

Joshua’s thought: Man, I can’t wait, we finally have the map, we can go and beat the living heck out of Elvarg.

Vindi’s thought:I have fought Vampires before, so dragons shouldn’t be much harder…I mean, as long as I can figure out where the stake goes before it completely dies…

Jen’s thought: Man, I hope that creepy old lady doesn’t show up again. She totally freaks me out!

Charley’s thought:Jen looks a lot like Michelle…Hey, why can’t we just kill Oziach and take his Rune Plate armor? I mean, he has the key in one of his pockets somewhere so he can get to all his Plates…Aw who am I kidding? I could never get away with it…

Lightforce’s thought:I hope we can manage to take down the dragon. Elvarg is the only dragon whose scales don’t die when the dragon does… Then I can finally end this addiction to that horrible happy potion…Which reminds me, I need another sip of that stuff…

The crew finally reached Oziach. “Whoa, there!” he screamed in surprise. “You were only 2 when I last checked! Who had kids?!?”
Everybody laughed, even Lightforce did, though quietly. “We have the map, Oziach.” Joshua said. “Now what?”
“Now you just need to go meet Ned at Port Sarim. He has a boat prepared to take you to Crandor Island. He even offered to fix up the boat that you’re taking.” Oziach clarified. “So get going!”
The crew left.

Everyone in the group instantaneously and simultaneously pulled out there Amulets of Glory. They rubbed them, and in consecutive flashes of purple light, they all teleported to Draynor village. They walked westwards to get to Port Sarim.
“Hehey!” Ned said. He was in his forties, though still active. “Let’s get a-going! Crandor awaits!!”
The group quickly boarded the boat. They were all shaking with excitement. As Vindi assisted Ned with raising the ship’s mast, the rest of the group sat in the cabins. A few hours later, they saw that Crandor was close. Then they all heard a crash. The boat had come in contact with a huge rock protruding from the ocean.
“ABANDON SHIP!!” screamed Joshua, and everyone dove into the water and began swimming towards the island which was not far off. Lightforce grabbed one of the planks and pulled out a staff. He began swinging the staff around and created a boat powered by wind. The others climbed up onto his makeshift boat, except for Ned, who was nowhere to be found. Silently and soaked, they all began paddling towards the looming volcano island of Crandor…

After the group reached the island, they all dried themselves off. Lightforce dried off behind a rock, because he was wearing all white (and wet white is NOT good).They were soon all dry, and silently made there way towards the center of the volcanic maze. They snuck past a group of sleeping lesser demons, and climbed down the rocky passageway underground.
“Everything seems to be going good,” Vindi said to break the silence.
He spoke too soon. The rocks began to crumble away, blocking there return. “Oops…” Vindi muttered.
They continued through the tunnel, which was lit by the bright glow of the magma. They found a metal fenced gate. They slowly entered.They heard a bloodthirsty roar. It was Elvarg! He shot a burst of flames that nearly set Jens hair on fire. They all ran behind a crumbled wall and hid. “Ok, this is personal now…” Jen said angrily and with heavy breath. “IT TOOK LIKE AN HOUR TO GET MY HAIR LIKE THIS! THAT THING WILL PAY!”
Joshua was way ahead of them. He had already sipped his antifire potion, and smeared some of the potion on his shield. He tossed a vial of the stuff to each person, and they repeated what he did. Soon they were all ready to fight.

Joshua ran in first, striking at the wings. Vindi put up his shield, and charged at it, but got swiped away by Elvargs claws. Then it flew into the air and began vigorously flapping its wings. The group was pushed against the ground, except for Jen, who got out her crossbow and fired at its wings.

The dragon roared and fell to the ground. Lightforce brought out his bow and shot two rune fire arrows at Elvarg, and they hit him directly in the mouth. Elvarg screamed, then he scorched Lightforce. Charley decided that it was his turn. He slashed Elvarg at the head, chest, and mouth. As Lightforce slowly got on his feet, the humongous dragon fell to the ground.

Lightforce limped over to the dragon and magically removed the dragon’s scales faster than anything the group had ever seen. He stuffed the dragon scales into a sack. “There, that is plenty for my potion.” he said in relief.
Charley was laughing like a hyena while slashing at the body of the dead Elvarg. “Ahahaha!! HAHAAHA! Hahahah
a aha!” He suddenly froze. “What?” he asked.
Joshua was hiding behind Vindi, who was staring at Charley mouth agape.
“Charley……Y-you…Ah…” Vindi stammered.
“Um…sorry about that…just another demon outburst…um…” Charley said.
Jen quickly changed the subject. “Well, the dragon is dead, but how will Oziach know?” she asked.
“Leave that to me,” Vindi said. He quickly brought a rune spear from his backpack and raised his sword above the body of Elvarg. He cleanly sliced off Elvarg’s head. He then took it, and slammed it onto the spear. Jen stared, and her face turned pale. Joshua fainted. Lightforce fell over on his damaged leg. Charley and Vindi sighed.
Charley picked up Joshua, Vindi picked up Lightforce, and Jen slowly followed, her face still pale.

They reached the ship back to Port Sarim, payed the fee, and slept during the whole trip back to Port Sarim. They hiked north through Barbarian Village, and finally reached Oziach’s small hut.

They were surprised to see Ned was alive. “I made a boat outta the spare pieces of the wreck and rowed back to Port sarim,” Ned explained. “I thought you were all dead!”
“We have come with the head of Elvarg, the dragon of Crandor!” Joshua exclaimed. “Now then…”
“CAN WE PLEASE GET A RUNE PLATEBODY?!?” the whole group asked at once.
“Alright,” Oziach began.
“YES!” Joshua and Vindi said, giving each other a high-five
“Yess!!” Jen exclaimed, and she and Charley hugged and jumped around with excitement. Lightforce smiled brightly.
Oziach muttered a spell to himself, and a huge chest appeared. He pulled out a rune platebody and handed it to each person, who in turn payed him. They all immediately tried them on, and they were all completely satisfied.