Draynor Village

Draynor Village is a village south of Draynor Manor, north of the Wizards' Tower, west of Lumbridge, and east of Port Sarim. Here you can find many interesting attractions and people. This village also plays a role in many Quests.

Map of the City

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Draynor Village may be small, but it has many important and interesting attractions in it.

(1) The Market Place

The Market Place includes a Toy Shop, a Seed Shop, and a Wine Shop. This area is very populated. These shops will be further explained in the Shops section of the guide.

Draynor market - look at all these stalls!

(2) The Bank

The bank is like any other bank: it's used for depositing and withdrawing numerous items and it acts as a place to trade items with other players. In the past, the Wise Old Man robbed this bank. You can watch a short clip of it from the Bank Guard outside by giving him 50 coins. Another Bank Guard can be found in a tree next to his companion. He is spying on the Wise Old Man. You can attempt to chop the tree down, but he will stop you. If you talk to the tree, you can ask to help him and he will ask you to bring him a Stew for 20 coins.

Draynor bank

(3) The Willows

Some players call this area "The Willows" because it is a very good place to Woodcut Willow trees, since it's so close to the Bank. This area also includes a Fishing spot where you can fish using a Fishing Net and Fishing Rod with Fishing Bait. If you have a relatively low Combat level, be aware of the two Level-7 Dark Wizards that might attack you if you are Level-14 or lower. In addition, nearby you may find some Gulls and to the south there is a Level-33 Black Knight.

Lots of willow trees to cut!

(4) The Jail

This is a Jail where you can find several people. They are Lady Keli, Joe, some aggressive Level-26 Jail Guards, Prince Ali, and a few Level-2 Goblins wandering outside. Lady Keli, Joe, and Prince Ali are included in the Prince Ali Rescue Quest. On the side of the Jail are some Nettles, which you can pick with Gloves to make Nettle Tea using the Cooking skill. Near here is also one of the entrances to the Draynor Dungeon.

Be good, or you'll end up in here!

(5) The Grain Field

This is a large field of Grain where you can pick Wheat. Wheat can be used to make dough, which can be made into many foods using the Cooking skill. Nearby you may find Leela, who also plays a part in the Prince Ali Rescue Quest. You may also find a Farmer working in the field.

Plentiful grain for picking!

(6) Ned's House

This small house belongs to Ned. He is an old sailor who says that he is now is an expert at making Rope rope. In the Fremennik Isles Quest, you discover that he actually trades a woman Wool for Rope. You can ask him to make you Rope by giving him four Balls of Wool or giving him 15 coins. He plays a part in some Quests too, such as the Prince Ali Rescue Quest and Dragon Slayer Quest.

Ned's house

(7) Aggie's House

This house belongs to Aggie the Witch. She can make Dyes for you if you give her the proper ingredients. Dyes can be used with Capes to change the Cape's color. Her dye-making skills are used in some Quests, like Goblin Diplomacy and, yet again, Prince Ali Rescue. She makes Skin Paste only when you are doing the Prince Ali Rescue Quest, and needs Ashes, a Bucket of Flour, a Bucket of Water, and some Redberries.

These are the ingredients needed to make Dyes:

  • Red Dye: three sets of Red Berries and 5 coins.
  • Blue Dye: two Woad Leaves and 5 coins.
  • Yellow Dye: two Onions and 5 coins.

You can mix dyes together to make different colored Dyes:

  • Red and Blue dye: Purple Dye
  • Yellow and Red dye: Orange Dye
  • Blue and Yellow: Green Dye

You can also find a Tomato and Cheese on the tables of her house.

Aggie the witch's house

(8) Morgan's House

Morgan is a person who you must speak with to start the Vampire Slayer Quest. Upstairs in the Cupboard you will find a clove of Garlic, which is used in the Quest.

Morgan's house

(9) First House

This house isn't very important. Inside, you can find a Level-2 Man and a Level-1 Rat. All that you can pretty much do is kill them for a small amount of Combat experience.

A small house containing a man and a rat

(10) Second House

In this house there is a Trapdoor that can be used to enter different areas during Holiday Events, such as Christmas 2005, Halloween 2006, and Christmas 2006. Nearby is another entrance to the Draynor Dungeon.

A house used in several holiday events

(11) Third House

In this house there is just a Rat, a couple of piles of regular Logs, and a bunch of Crates, Barrels, and Shelves.

A house containing a rat and some logs

(12) Signpost

The Signpost is located where all of the roads leading to Draynor Manor, Lumbridge, Port Sarim, and Draynor Village meet. Wandering around here is a Level-5 aggressive Highwayman and a couple of Goblins.

The signpost, with directions to draynor manor, port sarim, draynor village and lumbridge

(13) Wise Old Man

This is the Wise Old Man's house. This is a very interesting house with a lot of features. You can find different things in the Bookshelves, upstairs is a telescope, there's a strange bed that you have the option to "Kick", so you can kill the creature under it as a task, and much more. Speaking to the Wise Old Man can be very interesting. He can tell you many stories, help you with getting unnecessary items out of your bank account, and he can give you simple tasks. In turn, he'll reward you. Plus, you can get a Quest Cape and Hood from him for 99,000 coins if you have finished all of the Quests. He also plays a role in some Quests, such as the Garden of Tranquility and Swan Song Quests.

Next to his house sits a woman named Miss Schism. If you talk with her she will talk to you about the Wise Old Man and her suspicions of him robbing the Bank.

The wise old man's house

(14) Draynor Dungeon Entrance

These lead to the Draynor Dungeon. They are located near the Jail and near the house that leads to Holiday Events. In the Dungeon are Skeletons and Zombies, but also an Anvil and an NPC called Ruantun, who plays a part in the Desert Treasure Quest.

Entrance to the draynor dungeon
Draynor dungeon entrance


Now, we will take a look at the shops of Draynor Village. There are three shops: the Toy Shop, Seed Shop, and Wine Shop. Around here you can find Martin the Master Farmer, Master Farmers who you can thieve from with 38 Thieving, and some Level-20 Market Guards who attack you if you try to thieve from anyone.

Toy Shop

The toy shop owned by diango

This is the Toy Shop, owned by Diango. He sells Toy Horsies, which come in White, Brown, Gray, and Black. If you play with them, you yell random things at the Horsey while you shake it. He also sells Spinning Plates. If you successfully spin the plate without dropping it, you will cheer. If you drop it while spinning it, you will cry. Diango also plays a part in numerous Holiday Events and will return some of your Holiday Items if you happen to lose them.

Diango's Toy Store
Picture Item Price
Toy horseyToy horseyToy horseyToy horsey Toy Horsies 150gp
Spinning plate Spinning Plate 75gp

Seed Shop

Olivia's seed stall

This is the Seed Shop, owned by Olivia. This is for Members only. She buys and sells different seeds, used for the Farming skill. To trade with her, you must have not stolen from her or any of the Master Farmers around for the past 10 minutes. Nearby, Martin the Master Farmer can sell you a Farming Cape of Achievement for 99,000 coins if you have reached a Farming level of 99. In addition, he is the starting point for Fairy Tale Part 1: Growing Pains and Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure A Queen. The Seed Stalls nearby require a Thieving level of 27 and the Master Farmers require 38 Thieving.

Draynor Seed Market
Picture Seed Price
Potato seed Potato 8gp
Onion seed Onion 10gp
Cabbage seed Cabbage 25gp
Tomato seed Tomato -
Sweetcorn seed Sweetcorn -
Strawberry sed Strawberry -
Watermelon seed Watermelon -
Barley seed Barley 25gp
Jute seed Jute 86gp
Rosemary seed Rosemary 98gp
Marigold seed Marigold 84gp
Hammerstone seed Hammerstone 52gp
Asgarnian seed Asgarnian 60gp
Yanillian seed Yanillian 210gp
Krandorian seed Krandorian -
Wildblood seed Wildblood -

Wine Shop

Fortunato's wine stall

VinegarThis is the Wine Shop, owned by Fortunato. He sells Jugs, Wine, and Bottles of Wine. Only Members can buy Bottles of Wine. If you are working on the Rag and Bone Man Quest, you can talk to Fortunato to sell you Vinegar for 1 coin. The Wine Stall nearby requires a Thieving level of 22.

Wine Shop
Picture Item Price
Wine Wine 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Bottle of wine Bottle of Wine 500gp




Bank Guard

Bank guard







Lady Keli

Lady keli



Martin the Master Farmer


Miss Schism

Miss schism







Prince Ali

Prince ali

Wise Old Man

Wise old man


Black Knight (Level 33)

Black knight

Dark Wizard (Level 7)

Dark wizard



Goblin (Level 2)




Jail Guard (Level 26)

Jail Guard

Man (Level 2)


Market Guard (Level 20)

Market guard

Master Farmer

Master farmer





Rat (Level 1)