Duel Arena

The Al-Kharid Duel Arena is a place where all players can go to engage in one on-one-combat, either for fun or for a prize. Duelling for prizes is referred to as staking. As of December 10, the Duel Arena is now open to both free players and members, but only members can engage in duelling tournaments.


The Duel Arena was brought into RuneScape shortly after the end of the RS2 Beta. It was partially due to Jagex wanting to do something about players abusing the "Duel anywhere" option back in RuneScape Classic in order to get a free teleport to Lumbridge.


Teleporting to the Duel Arena via the Ring of duelling.
Teleporting to the Duel Arena via the Ring of duelling.
Map of Duel Arena.
Map of Duel Arena.

The arena is located northeast of Al-Kharid. It is fenced off from the rest of the area.

Players can also rub a Ring of duelling to teleport directly to the arena entrance. This saves on having to walk from far away, although using an Amulet of Glory to teleport to the palace is another viable option along with the Lumbridge Home Teleport as it is close to the Duel Arena.

Picking a Fight

Challenging another player to a duel.

To fight another player, players must right-click their intended opponent and select the "Challenge" option. This will tell that player that someone wishes to duel with them, and they accept by challenging that player in return.


To fight another player, players must right-click their intended opponent and select the "Challenge" option. The player must then select whether it is a fun or staked duel. This will tell that player that someone wishes to duel with them, and they accept by challenging that player in return.

This will open the duelling options screen, which defines the parameters for the battle. The screen shows the name and combat level of the opponent, as well as what each player is offering up for a "bet", or a "stake". Players with less than 50 Quest Points can only bet up to 3000 coins or items worth up to 3000 coins. After acquiring 50 Quest Points, the amount you can stake in 15 minutes increases, until you have 200 or more Quest Points. At this point, you are capable of staking 30000 coins. Finally, there are 11 different options that can be turned on or off and are adjustable by either player. These are detailed as follows:

  • No Ranged: No ranging weaponry can be equipped during the battle.
  • No Melee: Players cannot engage in hand-to-hand combat, including bare fists/feet.
  • No Magic: No magical attack spells can be cast.
  • No Special Attacks: Special attacks cannot be used.
  • Fun Weapons: The only allowed Weapons are the Rubber chicken, Fixed Device, Flowers, and rubber mouse toy. Bare fists are not allowed, nor are snowballs as they are not able to cause any damage.
  • No Forfeit: Players cannot escape the arena; the fight lasts until one player dies.
  • No Drinks: Players cannot drink anything that boosts stats, such as Potions. All stats that are boosted prior to the fight are reset to their default values once the fight begins.
  • No Food: Eating food to heal is not allowed.
  • No Prayer: Using the Prayer skill is not allowed.
  • No Movement: Players can't walk or run during the battle.
  • Obstacles: The arena becomes like a mini-maze during the fight.

Some of the options can't be combined; for instance, having no ranged, melee, or magic makes it impossible to fight.

It is also possible to take equipped items off on this screen, rangers should be careful not to check off shield if they intend to use a bow.

When the battle begins, players are teleported into the arena itself with a 3-second countdown before the fighting actually begins. If "No Forfeit" was not checked off, players who are losing (or simply wish to end the duel early) can retreat through one of the trapdoors, ending the battle immediately. Anything staked is awarded to the other player.

During the fight

After reciting 3-2-1-Fight, the players run towards each other, ready to attack. A skull, similar to the one marking the wilderness level, is shown in the bottom of the screen. This skull means that you are engaging in Player killing. There is a chance of rotten tomatoes being thrown at you by anyone in the audience. This will, however, cause no damage to either person duelling. When in the duel, you can only fight players with a yellow arrow above them, signaling they are your opponents. You can still click the "Fight" option for other players, but you are not allowed to fight them. It is customary to say "Good fight" or "Gf" (an abbreviation of good fight) at the conclusion of your duel.


One player defeating another in Duel Arena.
One player defeating another in Duel Arena.
The scoreboard.
The scoreboard.

After the battle ends, players are teleported back to the building beside the arena and healed (poison and stat-reducing effects are negated as well). Any ranged weapons that fell to the ground are automatically returned to the owner. If there was a stake, the victor claims the prize(s). When you die you only lose the items you staked.

Near the gate is a scoreboard where players can view the last 50 battles on that server. This includes the combat levels of the combatants and who won the round. The scoreboard automatically updates every five minutes.


On November 20th, 2007, Jagex added a new way of participating in the duel arena by adding a tournament mode. Up to 64 players can compete and the entry fee is based on the number of participants; up to 1 million coins for a 64 player tournament. In the Tournament dungeon, 5 registers hold 5 different tournaments with random rules varying on dificulties. The rules might include food or potion usage, attack styles allowed, healing between rounds and special attacks. Aditionally winning or losing against a player will affect the winner's and loser's tournament rank.If a weak player lost against a high leveled player the tournament points won or lost won't be of much significance. Tournaments are also restricted with a range of tournament ranks allowed , the tournament value depends on the set of rules and the rank range allowed, it also affects the players rank more or less at the end of the tournament respecting to its value.

Tournaments are only held on worlds 54, 83 and 114.


The following NPCs are found at the Duel Arena.

  • A'abla
  • Afrah
  • Captain Daerkin
  • Dalal
  • Fadli
  • Hamid
  • Ima
  • Jadid
  • Jaraah
  • Jeed
  • Mubariz
  • Sabeil
  • Sabreen
  • Surgeon General Tafani
  • Zahwa