Easy Money and XP in Runescape

Easy ways to make money and level up.

  • Find monsters that are a little lower than your level, if you are just starting out you can train on the goblins that are north of the Lumbridge castle.
  • If you are level 6 or higher (not hard to do) go to the BarbarianVillage. It's the town west of Varrock that has a bunch of level 10s walking around. Anyway, in the center of the town there is a hole. Go down the hole and then head south through the Gate of War, you'll be asked a question, answer it, go through and you should find yourself in a room full of goblins. now get to work killing goblins. Sometimes they drop bronze full helms which sell for 14-28gp each. When you don't have anymore room for anymore helms go back out the door you came in through, up the ladder and into the house near the hole with a guy inside named Peska, trade all your helms to him for $$$. As you get higher levels you can go farther into the Stronghold and eventually get the rewards. There are 4 levels in the Stronghold.
  • if you want to make money, get your minig up to 20 at the Dwarven Mines (NorthEast of Falador) while you get your mining level up you can train on the level 10 dwarves. After you get your mining up to 20 go out to Al-Kharid and go North until you get to the mine. There you can mine silver And while you wait for silver you can train on the scorpions. Then go to either the Furnace and Smelt the silver into bars or go sell the ore at the store.
  • (Not recommended until you are at least level 35) A great way to make money AND get your Prayer up is to go to Varrock, then go out through the west and go directly north. After a while you will get to a graveyard, go NorthEast around the graveyard until you see skeletons. Among there are Big Bones which give you 15 prayer xp instead of 4. Attack the skeletons and pick up Big Bones, then either go back out of the wild and bury the Big Bones or go to a town and sell them for 100g each.
  • Another way is to do quests! Vampire slayer, Demon Slayer, and Dragon Slayer all give you plenty of xp.