Family Crest Dungeon

This dungeon is located a short distance east of East Ardougne, and it's mainly used during the Family Crest Quest to mine 'Perfect' Gold.

To get to the dungeon, head east of the Ardougne port, where you'll find a ladder surrounded by stone pillars.

Map of the entrance

Just climb down the ladder to enter the dungeon:

Here's the entrance to the family crest dungeon

Map of the Dungeon

Map of the Dungeon 

Inside the Dungeon

When you enter the dungeon, you will be confronted by four Hobgoblins. They attack players that are level 47 or less.


Once you follow the cavern a bit deeper, you will find some Ogres that will always attack you, regardless of your level.

An ogre

If you head north of these Ogres, you will find a door with some Ogres inside, as well as 2 levers.

More ogres, and a room with a lever!

To the south are 2 more doors, 2 Ogres and another lever.

Another room of ogres

You must pull correct combination of the levers to enter the door in between the 2 doors. The combination for the levers is:

1. Pull the lever to the north up and go into the room to the south through the left door.
2. Pull the lever on the east wall up, and exit through the opposite door.
3. Pull the lever to the north down and go into the north room.
4. Pull the lever on the north wall up, leave the room and pull the lever next to the door up again.
5. Head back to the south room, pull the lever down and now you can enter the room to the east.

The hellhounds and perfect gold rocks

Once you have solved the puzzle, you can enter the last room with the Perfect Gold Ore and Hellhounds. Many people range or mage the Hellhounds for experience, and it is common to see people setting up cannons in the center of the room for easy experience. They're also good melee training if you're a higher level. The Hellhounds always drop Bones and the only other thing that they will drop is a level 3 Clue Scroll.


Hobgoblins (Level 42)


Ogres (Level 53)


Hellhounds (Level 122)