Gnome Ball

Runescape Gnome Ball is one of the earlier mini games that Jagex introduced to runescape. It has some basic rules and is member only. The game itself will reward players by increasing their range and agility skills. However, it is only a very minimum amount of experience and shouldn't be considered a good way to train. It can be fun though, when played with a friend anywhere in the game.

The basic rules of Gnome Ball are explained by the game referee. He will also explain how to play the game. These rules are:

  • Throw the ball into the net at the opposite side of the field
  • Dodge gnomes trying to tackle you
  • Scores can be seen in the box at the top right of the game
  • Scoring a goal will give some range and agility experience
  • You need 5 goals to win and leave the game field
Overall, the rules are pretty simple and players should note they need their hands free so cannot take any weapons or items like flowers that are held.

The game will start when you are in possession of the gnomeball and you will have 3 options to decide what to do:
  • Pass - can pass to team mates in green
  • Tackle - can tackle opponents (other gnomes)
  • Shoot - you will try to score when choosing this option
The simple objective is running to the other end and shooting. However, gnomes will try and tackle you - so be on the boil and don't let them tackle all the time. This runescape mini game can be fun for a while but there is little reward and is seldom played. At one stage there was a gnomeball league - but I haven't read anything recently and don't know whether it still exists.