Great Ways to Scam in Runescape

The “Become a Member” Scam

This is a scam that you should do on a free world. What you do is say “ Making people members for free, press 111!” For the people that press 111, add them on to your friends list. Then tell them that you want to make them a member, but they have to tell them your username and password to do it. It would help to gain some trust with this person to raise the chance of actually getting their password. When they tell you their password, open a new window, go to Runescape, and change their password. Then, when the player logs out, log into their account and take everything from them.

The “Log” Scam

This scam works often. When you are in a trade selling lets say 100 yew logs, put them up right away, and then quickly switch them with 100 regular logs. Then complete the trade.

The “Trade Trust” Scam

This scam works very often. In a bank, yell out “Giving 60 million out for free follow me!” Soon a bunch of people will follow you. Go to a quiet place away from people. Then, with the people that followed you, tell them that the person that gives you the most expensive item gets the 60 million. Then, when you have gotten a lot of good stuff, log out right away so that no one can report you.