Knight Waves Training Ground

After completing the King's Ransom Quest, you can access the Knight Waves Training Ground. This mini-game pits you against the Knights of the Round Table to prove your strength. If you're successful in defeating them, you are granted the ability to use two new prayers, and chose an additional respawn point to use in the event of your untimely demise afterwards.

General Information

Knights' Training Ground is a safe mini-game that can be completed after the King's Ransom Quest. As it is a safe mini-game, you will not lose your items if you happen to die within this mini-game.

Getting There

This mini-game is located on the third floor of the Camelot castle, and it is most easily accessible by using the southwest staircase. Since this mini-game is designated for warriors only, you will be unable to use prayer, range, or mage inside the training grounds.

Routes to the entrance of the training ground


  • King's Ransom Quest completed
  • A high combat level, 90+ is recommended
  • A high defense level


  • Helm: Rune full helm, Dragon medium helm, Dragon full helm, Warrior helm, Berserker helm, or Helm of Neitiznot
  • Amulet: Amulet of glory or Amulet of fury
  • Cape: Any cape of achievement, Legends' cape, Obsidian cape, or Fire cape
  • Plate: Granite platebody, Rune platebody, Dragon chainmail, or Fighter Torso
  • Shield: Rune kite shield, Dragon Square shield, Granite shield, Dragonfire shield, or Obsidian shield
  • Weapon: Abyssal whip (strongly recommended), Dragon scimitar, Dragon longsword, Dragon battleaxe
  • Legs: Rune platelegs, Dragon plateskirt, Dragon platelegs, or Granite platelegs
  • Boots: Mithril boots or higher
  • Gloves: Klank's Gauntlets, Family Crest Gauntlets, or the highest Recipe for Disaster gloves that you can use.
  • Ring: Berserker ring or Warrior ring

Below is an example of what you could wear into this mini game. I do not recommend the defender as it wastes a lot of needed defense, but it can definitely be used.

Suggested equipment

Another good idea for this mini game is to bring in Barrows armour, with the most effective one being Guthans and Veracs, due to their vast variety of attack styles for the weapon, and for Guthans, the fact that it can heal you throughout the battle.


Suggested inventory
  • 2 super sets (super attack, super strength, super defense potions [4])
  • A dragon dagger p++ (optional but recommended)
  • 21 of the best food you have/can get. Do not go in there with anything less than monks, or you will almost surely die.

Note: You can replace 3 pieces of food for an extra super set if you feel like you might run out. (recommended for people below 100 combat) At max, you can take 4 super sets, but do not take more than that.


The area where you'll be fighting

Now, here is a ground rule for whenever you are fighting in this mini game: If any of your individual stats ever reaches below 10 above its base level, drink a dose of the corresponding potion. A second and final ground rule is to never let your health fall below 25 from its base level.

Getting to the first knight, he is the least of your worries at level 110. Sir Bedivere will drain your strength every time he hits above a 0 on you. On Sir Bedivere, it would be advantageous to use slash attacks.

Sir Bedivere

The second knight you will face is a level 112 knight called Sir Pelleas. He will drain your defense, and he is weak against slash attacks.

Sir pelleas

The next knight you will face is level 115 and called Sir Tristram. He is easy to beat when you use stab attacks, but drains strength when he hits you. It is advised to use your dds specials here, as this will give it just enough time to recharge your special for Lancelot.

Sir tristram

The fourth knight that there is, is Sir Palomedes. This level 118 knight is weak against crush attacks, and drains your attack if he happens to hit you.

Sir Pallomedes

Following Sir Palomedes, you will fight Sir Lucan. At level 120, he is not easy, and will drain your defense when he hits you. You will want to you use slash attacks against him.

Sir lucan

Coming in as the sixth knight is Sir Gawain. He is level 122 and can be easily killed when you use stabbing and slashing attacks. When he hits you, he will drain your attack.

Sir gawain

The knight just before Lancelot is Sir Kay. Sir Kay is level 124 and is susceptible to crush attacks. If you get hit, your defense will be drained. Once you defeat Sir Kay, drink a super set (for the skills that you need), as you will be facing the mighty lancelot next. It is very important that you keep your defense high while facing him.

Sir kay

You guessed it, the last and most mighty knight of all is Sir Lancelot. Coming in at 127, he is no easy task. He is so powerful, that he drains not only your strength level, but your defense level as well. This strong knight has one weakness, and that is slashing attacks. Immediately when he comes out, empty your dds specials on him (that is, if you brought one), and make sure you keep your stats high.

Sir lancelot

If you were able to defeat the mighty Lancelot, you will be able to reap the rewards from this mini game.


There are of course rewards for finishing this tough mini game.

You receive access to the prayers chivalry and piety...

As you can see, you get several rewards, including:

  • 20,000 exp in Hitpoints, Defense, Strength, and Attack skills
  • The ability to set your respawn point to Camelot by speaking to Merlin
  • The ability to use the prayers Chivalry and Piety

About the New Prayers

One of the rewards from this mini game are the prayers Chivalry and Piety.

The prayers screen, with the new chivalry and piety prayers

ChivalryChivalry: The new prayer Chivalry requires 60 prayer and 65 defense. The bonuses that Chivalry provides are 20% to defense 18% to strength and 15% to attack. This prayer is not stackable with other prayers that enhance any stat, including range and magic. It is stackable with protect from prayers, and other prayers, such as smite, protect item, rapid restore/heal, and retribution.

PietyPiety: The new prayer Piety requires 70 prayer and 70 defense. The bonuses that Piety provides are 25% to defense, 23% to strength, and 20% to attack. Like Chivalry, this prayer is not stackable with other prayers that enhance certain skills. It is stackable with protect from prayers, and prayers, such as retribution.