Making Safe For You to Enjoy Runescape

Runescape – making it safe for you to enjoy your game

Runescape is a massive multiplayer online role playing game or MMORPG that is being played by over 1,50,000 players from all over the world. Runescape has taken the world of online multiplayer games by surprise because of its huge growing popularity. The game is absolutely wonderful and addictive too with the various twists and turns that never let you loose interest.
The popularity of Runescape is also due to the fact that it is also available online to play for free as compared to other multiplayer games which are available only for members and charge a high amount as membership too.
Runescape caters to an age group of 13 years and over and thus, the customer support at Runescape ensures the safety of the players.

Online safety rules at Runescape
Runescape lays down several rules specifying the overall conduct to be followed while playing Runescape. The rules at Runescape clearly lay down that:
· Use of offensive and obscene language is strictly prohibited.
· Cheating or deceiving other players is not allowed and would lead to serious consequences.
· Asking for password or personal information online is strictly prohibited.
· Making use of any bugs in the software is strictly not allowed. In case any error or bug in the software is detected by you, please do report it immediately.
· You should not make any attempt to pose as the staff at Jagex and try to get any kind of information from any player.
· Sharing of any account is not allowed at Runescape and you can use only one account at any point of time.
· Using any other software to gain an upper hand in the game is considered unethical and would have serious consequences.
· Advertising at Runescape or Runescape forums is strictly prohibited.
· Misusing customer support or misguiding them in any way is just not allowed.

Why do you need these safety rules at Runescape?
The rule of conduct at Runescape is designed so as to ensure a good gaming experience and to maintain an environment which is pleasant for all gamers. The rules ensure that no player has any sort of unpleasant experience online and Runescape that would ruin all the fun that you are having.

The Runescape Support team
The customer support at Runescape ensures that all players at Runescape strictly adhere to the rules that are laid down. Any kind of misbehavior should be reported to the customer support that would provide all the support possible. Any non-adherence reported would face serious consequences and if found guilty you could even have your account banned.

Enjoy the Runescape experience by following the rules
For you as well as the other players to have a good time and enjoying your game of Runescape it would be advisable to follow the laid down code of conduct. The rules are laid down so that you and all other players at Runescape have a great gaming experience. Have fun!!!