Player Killing (Pking) at Runescape

The game of Runescape, an online multiplayer game has a feature called “player killing” or Pking which is very interesting.

What is Pking at Runescape?
Pking or Player Killing is a feature at Runescape where one player can actually kill the other player in the wilderness area. This is practiced by many players and so it is just not advisable to believe another player in the game of Runescape. Beware of players who ask you to follow them, they might just take you into the wilderness and kill you. Many players like to indulge in player killing and find it more satisfying than killing the monsters because here they are actually killing a live human who can think of his own.

Some points on the Wilderness at Runescape
In Runescape, the stronger you are the more difficult it is to kill you and therefore, it is in your best interest to get stronger and more powerful here at Runescape. The wilderness is also divided into levels so the players in your own range would only be there in the wilderness. However, the deeper you go into the wilderness the more are the dangers so you must think twice before you enter the wilderness and once you have done so you must be very cautious and alert.

Runescape Fighters
Runescape fighters can be divided broadly into three categories: the warriors, mages and the rangers. Each class of fighters has their own advantages and shortcomings. The warriors are a little slow as compared to the mages because they have heavy armours whereas the mages wear light robes. Mages can thus, run faster and for a longer distance. On the other hand mages do not stand to gain in comparison to rangers as rangers wear dragon hides that are light and offer them a lot of protection, and thus, the rangers can outrun the mages. Thus, rangers are at an advantage when compared to mages. When warriors come in contact with rangers the rangers armour being light does not offer them much protection against warriors and also the rangers weapons are not able to cause much damage to the heavy armour of warriors. This goes to show that before you actually decide to indulge in the activity of player killing you must be sure as to who your opponent is.

Runescape Player Killing groups
The trend of player killing or Pking in groups is also observed in Runescape. Many players come together to take on Pking. This offers them the advantage of numbers and they can take on any opponent due to their large numbers. The wilderness has a lot of danger hiding and could take you by surprise. You could even get killed here in the mysterious wild so its best to go there in big numbers. With a large number of players working together you have the advantage of having different types of fighters in your team and also more kinds of weapons and thus, overall the strength and power to take on any enemy and fight and emerge a winner.