Revolutionary Merchanting Guide

A merchanting guide which doesn't tell you items to merchant but actually explains tips and tricks to make you merchant more efficiently, like typing, clicking, trading, supply and demand, Judging competition, and more! This guide is not like others and uses a new, and much better approach!

Supply and demand is the most main factor that depends on which item to merchant. You should know (some at least) what items are being produced more than needed, and what items are being produced less than needed. Also keep in mind that things that people rarely buy (or a 1 time buy) (ex. full Saradomin or Zamorak) may not always be good merchanting items. A lot of merchanting comes from when you come across a person selling something at a low price, because he/she wants to get rid of it fast, so this guide will be mainly explaining tips and tricks while merchanting.

  • 1. Fast trade clicking

With the new update (req assist) it is slightly harder to trade people as fast as it used to be, so practicing this is a good skill. BIG TIP #1: when people talk a lot, they appear “on top” of the other people that are on the same grid point as they are. So if you don't see people talking at an area, and someone randomly talks, they most probably will be on the top most of the “stack” of people (when you right click them). Another thing is that when people walk/run up to a new area and talk a lot, they are ALWAYS on top of the others. People do this when they want to get rid/sell fast an item. This is by far the most important skill that a merchanter MUST master.

  • 2. Buying/selling price

This is another big issue that people have problems with. You don't want to make the buying price too low or too high, otherwise no one will trade with you or you will not make any money. You also don't want the selling price to be too low or too high, otherwise you will barely make money, or no one will trade with you. There is a rule of thumb, if you are ever in doubt. BIG TIP #2: the buying price should be 10% less than the price of the item (at “normal cost” (will be explained later)) and the selling price should be 5% more than the price of the item (at “normal cost”). For example, If the “normal price” of full rune is 200k, then you should buy at 180k and sell at 210k. However, this is just the rule of thumb, and can DRASTICALLY change when there is too much/too little competition.

  • 3. Judging competition

If there are about 20 people at an area where people are selling full rune, and 5 people are selling it, only 1 or no buyers, I strongly suggest you move to backup merchanting items. The only time you will be able to sell your rune is when there are a bunch of buyers, and only a few (or no..) sellers. If you try to sell your rune, what will happen is that to get a trade, you would have to decrease your price, which no merchanter wants to do. BIG TIP #3: if there are 2 or more buyers than sellers, then the place is good to merchant. If there are 2 more sellers than buyers, the place is bad to merchant. However, this can also change. If many of the people selling items are firm with their price, you could decrease your price a little and get many trade offers. Judging competition is a major factor of merchanting.

  • 4. Typing

Arguably the most important, fast typing skills are essential to be a good merchanter. Do not use auto-talker programs, because they CAN GIVE KEYLOGGERS WHICH NOT ALL VIRUS SOFTWARES WILL FIND!!! My friend once used one and got banned you really shouldn't. You may feel pressured to use it, trust me I did when I saw all those people in world 1, and 2 auto-talking. Just report them, and Jagex takes the macroing reports the most serious of them all. Normally auto-talkers will not be a threat since many report them. You will be surprised at how many get banned/muted/reported from people just reporting them!!! A good way to get fast typing skills is by Aiming, emailing, or doing homework/taking notes on the computer. I "IM" a lot so I now have pretty darn fast typing skills.

Anyways, what you type when selling/buying items is extremely important. Many don't realize that when they say “buying wiz g 3m” everyone wants to trade them, but no one can find which person to trade!!! So when buying or selling items, you should always include the following:

  • a color that reflects off of others (cyan when white/yellow is being used a lot, purple when cyan/yellow is being used a lot, white when purple/yellow/red/flash2/etc.) My personal favorite is white, but since it is popular, cyan is also very helpful.
  • a “shake”, “slide” etc is NOT USEFUL. It wastes too much time and barely helps.
  • The item which you are buying/selling (be specific!!)
  • The price of it you are buying/selling (after the item)
  • a separator (example = ----, ==, __, 000, |, etc)
  • And then YOUR NAME!!! (most important)

With this setup, anyone can find you, know exactly what you are selling/buying, and you will get results the best. After merchanting a lot, using your preferences from above, you will notice that muscle memory gets the best of you. You will type if much faster than before. Personally I use this the most:

white:buying full wiz t 500k - wizard!

You can also add “firm” somewhere or “Last Call” when it is your last call.

Ok this concludes my guide. I will be editing this pretty frequently judging by the comments or if I forgot something. So please check it. Hope you liked it.

1m - 18m in 10 days and still going!!!