RuneScape Scamming

Every single RuneScape player comes across someone who tries to scam them at one point during the game. We hear about these incidences all the time, we hear them in the RuneScape news, the forums, and even from other players in the game. There are just so many more players that would rather cheat than earn their own cash. Whether its item scamming or password scamming, they’re always after you items and money. The following article will analyze a few popular methods of scamming and how to avoid them. Also, Jagex’s efforts to help you in these situations will be mentioned.

1.) The first and probably one of the most common scams happens when trading. A scammer works like a magician, he tries to draw your attention away from what is really happening. A scammer’s dream is to be able to trick someone into paying much more gold for and item that isn’t worth a lot, or is very easy to get. An example of this scamming method: The scammer shows you he is selling a rune scimitar, while you are getting your money or items together, he switches it to a mithril scimitar and hopes you do not notice.

Jagex has added plenty to the trading screen in order to avoid scams like these. They added a double screen, enabling the player to see in writing what they are buying. Also, Jagex has added a warning when a player switches an item. To avoid these scams, as a player, make sure to always double check the deal before you accept the trade.

2.) Another popular scam is password scamming. Some scammers like to work a bit harder for their items and gold. They will use their charm to convince you to tell them your password. Or maybe they will offer to get you some amazing items, cheats, or other made up things. An example of this scamming method: The scammer will stand in the middle of a bank and say “Jagex blocks your password! See mine is ******! Try yours!” Then the scammer waits for people that try to say their password and writes it down. Later, he will then log into the account and is free to take what he pleases. Jagex has added the bank pin system to ensure, if this does happen to you, the items that you have in your bank will be safe in your bank. Players need to be aware that saying your password or giving someone your password is the biggest mistake you can make in the game.

3.) The last scam that will be mentioned in this article is another form of item scamming. Scammers will try to trick a player into dropping their items so that they can collect them afterwards. The more common method is to lure the player into the wilderness, kill them, and then take their items. But some scammers do not have a high enough level for that and try a different method. Scammers will tell you in private that if you drop your items and press Alt+F4, your items will be duplicated, when in reality that will just shut down your browser and you will most likely not be able to log back on in time to save the items. To avoid these kinds of scams, you must remember that you cannot trust anyone in RuneScape, even if they are very nice, they can always potentially turn their backs on you.

Helps players to avoid getting scammed in RuneScape. 3 Scamming methods are analyzed and hints are given to players on how they can avoid them.