Runescape Dragon Weapon Guide

At the time of the creation of this, there are four different types of Dragon Weapons out there for those of you who have an Attack level of 60 or above, and who has beaten the Hero's and Lost City quests. But how do you know which one to use?

  We'll start off with the pros and cons of the different weapons -- Longsword, Battleaxe, Dagger, and Mace.

  Longsword - A fast weapon that deals a decent amount of damage. When I did this weapon test, I had a Strength level of 93. At the time, this weapon could hit a maximum of 24. It is also very accurate when it comes to slashing damage -- slashing damage is good against enemies in chains and enemies in leather armour, not against plated enemies.
  Special Attack: The Special Attack with the longsword is a more powerful strike that takes away 25% of your Attack Bar. This attack rarely (if ever) misses and can do more damage, but not always. In Attack Mode and Strength 95, I have hit 28 with this attack (I can usually only do 24 this way).

  Battleaxe - In RSC, this is the definite choice, but is it still all that great? The price is still 200,000, but it's not worth it. Not at a long shot. The slowest of the dragon weapons, and barely any more accurate than the longsword. At the Strength level I had when testing the weapons (93), I could hit a maximum of 26. This is higher than the longsword, but doesn't even out the slow attack rate. It is however good against plated enemies with the aggressive crush attack, as well as it is good against enemies in chains and/or leather armour. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, it's not. Way too slow.
  Special Attack: Temporarily increases Strength by 20 and decreases Attack by 5. It costs all of the Attack Bar and is a good way to "pot up" if you don't have a Super Strength Potion. Note that if you use this together with a potion, it won't give you an extra effect.

  Dagger - Very weak, very cheap, very fast, and you can poison it. With Strength 93, I think the maximum I could hit was 18 or 19, and it has a very fast attack rate. It's accuracy is not the best, but good enough to hit at a decent rate. With poison, this weapon is proven to be great against high leveled enemies (100+). Against low-leveled enemies, it kills at the same rate as the battleaxe.
  Special Attack: A double attack (one attack that hits as if you attacked twice). This power pretty much works like the longsword and the dagger, only that it's divided up into two attacks at the same time, instead of one powerful attack. It costs 25% of your Attack Bar.

  Mace - Fast but not all that powerful, it does, however, have a Prayer bonus and it mainly attacks with crushing attacks. If you fight high leveled monsters using Prayer, this is the weapon for you. Unless that weapon is a dragon. Dragon leather protects well against the crushing attacks, but you can always use the controlled stab attack against them, so this might still come in handy.
  Special Attack: A single powerful swing that costs 25% of your Attack Bar, in the same fashion as the longsword.

  Most of the text above is just information taken out of the numbers. But how good do they prove to be in actual combat? I took an hour out of my busy life to test that. I spent 15 minutes with each weapon, fighting baby blue dragons (level 43). Here are the results, counted in kills (and time to bury the bones):

  Mace - 33 kills
  Dagger - 34 kills
  Longsword - 36 kills
  Battleaxe - 34 kills

  As you can see, it was very close. Sure, some weapons might've been lucky, but further testing proved these results to be fairly accurate. Please note that the dagger was not poisoned at the time, so you might want to add one more kill to the dagger's record.

  Another test I've done was Longsword vs. Battleaxe in a blue dragon (level 99) killing spree. I drank an attack and strength potion (which increased my Attack from 86 to 97 and Strength from 94 to 106), and then kept count of how many dragons I could kill before the potion affect was gone. Here are the results:

  Longsword - Eight kills
  Battleaxe - Four kills

  As it is with these short tests, some of it may be temporary luck, but Hell, twice as many kills with the Longsword? That's enough for me to sell off those battleaxes right away (well, you might want to keep one for the rare occasions when you need one; PKing in big teams, out of Super Strength Potions, fighting low-leveled NPCs, etc.).

  Summary: Prayer fighting (black demons, for an example), use mace in a combination with poisoned dagger (let the demon get poisoned, then you change to the mace to save Prayer points). Ordinary fighting, longsword. High leveled fighting without Prayer, poisoned dagger in a combination with the longsword. PKing, longsword and poisoned dagger (also, don't waste your super potions on people who are fighting dragons in the wilderness with robes on, they will run. Stab them in the back).

  Q: When should I use my Dragon Battleaxe?
  A: If you are fighting enemies that you can easily one-hit, or perhaps when PKing with a big team. It can also be good for its Special Attack, if you don't have any potions.

  And finally, a little pricelist:

  Dagger: 30,000 in Zanaris (Lost City), pay a diamond to get in. Worth it if you have weapon poison.
  Longsword: 100,000 in Zanaris (Lost City), pay a diamond to get in. Worth it.
  Battleaxe: 200,000 in Heroes' Guild. Not worth it.
  Mace: 50,000 in Heroes' Guild. Worth it if you use Prayer a lot.

  Ah, another thing. Dragon Spears.

  I haven't gotten the chance to use one myself yet, seeing as how I'm a poor bastard, but I have the technical information on one. They are rare drops, much like the dragon half shield. A fairly fast and powerful weapon, but with one negative aspect about it -- it can only be used for Controlled or Defensive fighting. It has one Defensive option and three Controlled options, but no Accurate or Aggressive ones. It is the ideal weapon for rich people who like to train Defence, though, so if you get one, it might be worth saving. The current price for one is about 3-4,000,000 GP.
  A thing I also should mention is that, just as any other spear, the dragon spear is a 2-handed weapon, so you cannot use a shield when wielding it.