Runescape Herblore Guide

All potions consist of a specific kind of Herb, and another ingredient which is added to your unfinished potion. These ingredients can be found throughout RuneScape, from looting fallen enemies or in the deep Wilderness, depending on the item. Take a look at the Ingredients Chart for a complete list.

Various foes such as Men, Druids and Skeletons carry herbs, and sometimes drop them upon death. Herbs will need to be identified before you can use them in your potions, so check the Herb Chart for more info.


These are what holds the potion, so that you can save it for later use. Vials can be crafted with glass, bought in the Taverley Herblore shop, or traded from other players. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to craft, so you can stock up on them to make many potions.

Creating Potions

To make a potion, you should first fill your empty vial with water from a sink or fountain. Next, use the identified herb you need with the water-filled vial, which will make an Unfinished Potion. Now just add the required ingredient to the potion to finish it.

Some kinds of potions require you to ground up the ingredients before you put them into your Unfinished Potion. You will need to use a Pestle and Mortar with the object to ground the item up for use with your potion. A Pestle and Mortar can also be bought in the Taverley Herblore shop. Check the Potion Chart for more info about ingredients.

Combining & Emptying Potions

Most potions you make will have 3 doses, which means that you can drink it 3 times before it’s completely used up, with exception to Weapon Poison, which only has 1 dose. You can combine your used potions together to make one up to 4-doses, as long as they’re the same type of potion. You can also choose the “Empty Potion” option to completely empty the vial to make room for another potion.

Greenman’s Ale

These drinks will give your Herblore a quick “level-up” when you drink them, which can be helpful if you’re just a level away from Identifying an herb or mixing a potion. You can buy them from the bar in Yanille, just west of the Wizard’s guild for 10gp.


Identifying Herbs

Of course, before creating a potion you must identify your herbs before using them. To identify an herb, just right-click on it and choose the ‘Identify’ option. If you’re a high enough level to identify it, the name will show up, and the leaf may change color. At first you may not be able to identify many, but as you get better at Herblore you will have the ability to identify many herbs!

Herb Chart
Herb Herblore Level Herblore Experience
Guam Leaf 3 2.5
Ardrigal 3 2.5
Sito Foil 3 2.5
Volencia Moss 3 2.5
Rogues Purse 3 2.5
Snake Weed 3 2.5
Marrentill 5 3.8
Tarromin 11 5
Harralander 20 6
Ranarr weed 25 7.5
Toadflax 30 8
Irit Leaf 40 8.8
Avantoe 48 10
Kwuarm 54 11.3
Snapdragon 59 11.8
Cadantine 65 12.5
Lantadyme 67 13.1
Dwarf Weed 70 13.8
Torstol 75 15

Herb Notes

Jungle Potion Herbs - These are found on Karamja during the Jungle Potion Quest and include Ardrigal, Sito Foil, Volencia Moss, Rogues Purse and Snakeweed.
Agility Arena - Snapdragon and Toadflax can both be exchanged for tickets in the Agility Arena.

If you need your herbs identified for you, head to the city of Nardah and speak with Zahur. He will identify all of your herbs for you!


Other Ingredients

Each potion consists of an identified herb, and another ingredient to mix in with it. You need to combine the correct ingredients together to make the potion of your choice, and many of the ingredients can be looted from enemies. Others may require you to venture into the Wilderness to find them.

Ingredient Chart
Item & Picture Where to Obtain
Eye of Newt Bought: Taverley Herblore Shop, Port Sarim Magic Emporium.
Dropped By: Zombies

Unicorn Horn Normal: Unicorns; ground the horn with a Pestle and Mortar.
Ground: Chaos Druid Warriors

Limpwurt Root Dropped By: Hobgoblins and Giants

Ashes Dropped By: Demons and Imps; they’ll also appear from an extinguished fire.

Red Spider’s Eggs Respawn: Karamja Volcano and the Varrock Sewers past the giant spider web.

Blamish Snail Slime Obtained: Kill & cook a Mort Myre Snail, grind it with a Pestle while carrying a Test Bottle with you.

Chocolate Bar Bought: Port Sarim Grocery Store, Gnome Stronghold, Culinaromancer’s Chest in Lumbridge
Respawn: South of the Lost City of Zanaris bank, Cook’s Guild.

White Berries Respawn: Level 37-40 Wilderness in the Red Dragon Isle. Be careful of the Red Dragons wandering around!
Dropped By: Cave Crawlers

Toad Legs Respawn: The Gnome Stronghold Swamp, southeast of Jatix’s Herblore shop in Taverley; remove the legs from the Toads.

Snape Grass Respawn: Hobgoblin area just west of the Crafting Guild.
Dropped By: Tribesman on Karamja Island.

Mort Myre Fungi Respawn: Use your Druid Spell near any log in the Mort Myre Swamp and pick the fungi.

Blue Dragon Scale Respawn: In the chamber home to the Blue Dragons in the Taverley Member’s Dungeon.

Wine of Zamorak Respawn: On the altar in the Temple of Zamorak. You must cast the Telekinetic Grab spell on the wine to get it. Or, just kill all of the Monks of Zamorak, pray at the Chaos Altar and then take the wine.

Potato Cactus Respawn: In the Kalphite Lair, in the chamber west of the room leading to the second level of the cave.

Jangerberries Respawn: On the island just west of Yanille. You can either use Telekinetic Grab to take them, or bring a rope to swing across the river (requires 30 Agility).

Tree Roots Obtained: Chop down a tree (Yew or Magic) and use a spade on the stump to dig out the roots. Note: You must have farmed the tree yourself to get a tree root from it.

Cactus Spine Obtained: Farmed by you or another player.

Poison Ivy Berry Obtained: Farmed by you or another player.

Crushed Bird Nest Obtained: Bird nests sometimes fall out of trees while chopping them down. Just use a Pestle and Mortar with the nest to crush it.

Coconut Milk Obtained: Use a Hammer on a Coconut to crack it open. then use the open coconut with an empty Vial to fill it with Coconut Milk. Coconuts can be Farmed or traded from other players.

Garlic Obtained: Can be found in a house in Draynor, or in a chest in the Burgh De Rott Inn.

Silver Dust Obtained: Made by crushing a Silver Bar in the bone grinder in Port Phasmatys.

Nightshade Obtained: During the Watchtower Quest.
Grown: From the Farming skill.

Gorak Claw Obtained: Sometimes dropped by Goraks.

Kebbit Teeth Dust Obtained: Catch a Sabre-toothed Kebbit with your Hunter skill and use a Pestle and Mortar with it’s teeth.

Starflower Obtained: Obtained during the Cure a Queen Quest.

Ground Goat’s Horn Obtained: Use a Pestle and Mortar on a Goat’s Horn. Goats can be found in the desert, north of Sophanem, near the Kalphite entrance, to the west and north of Nardah, and near Uzer.



Now that you’ve got all your identified herbs and the required ingredients to go with them, you’re about ready to make your own potions!

Potion Chart
Potion & Picture Herblore Level Herblore Experience Herb & 2nd Ingredient Effect
Attack 3 25 Guam Leaf &
Eye of Newt 10-15% added to Attack

Anti-Poison 5 37.5 Marrentill & Ground Unicorn Horn Cures Poison

Waking Sleep 5 168 Guam, Marrentil, Ground Suqah Tooth, special Lunar Vial. Used during the Lunar Diplomacy Quest.

Relicym’s Balm 8 42 Rogues Purse & Snake Weed Cures Disease

Strength 12 50 Tarromin & Limpwurt Root 10-15% added to Strength

Serum 207 15 50 Tarromin & Ashes Heals the Afflicted

Guthix’s Rest 18 59.5 Heat a Bowl of Water, pour the water into a Tea Cup, add 1 Harralander, 2 Guam Leaves and 1 Marrentil. Cures some poison, restores Run Energy & boosts hits by 5 if you have full health

Stat Restore 22 62.5 Harralander &
Red Spider’s Eggs Restores lowered stats to base level, excluding hits & Prayer.

Guthix Balance 22 - Harralander, Red Spider Eggs, Garlic, Silver Dust.
You can add garlic and silver to a stat restore potion to make this. Used to finish off Vampyres.

Blamish Oil 25 80 Harralander & Blamish Snail Slime Use this mixture on a Fishing Rod to make an Oily Fishing Rod.

Energy 26 67.5 Harralander & Chocolate Dust Restores 10% Energy

Defense 30 75 Ranarr Weed & White Berries 10-15% added to Defense

Agility 34 80 Toadflax &
Toad Legs 3 levels added to Agility

Combat Potion 36 84 Harralander & Ground Goat’s Horn 3-12 levels added to Strength and Attack.

Restore Prayer 38 87.5 Ranarr Weed & Snape Grass Restores 40% Prayer

Super Attack 45 100 Irit Leaf &
Eye of Newt 20% added to Attack

Bravery 45 0 Snake Weed & Ardrigal Enables drinker to explore the cave in the Legend’s Quest.

Super Anti-Poison 48 107.5 Irit Leaf &
Ground Unicorn Horn Cure poison & adds a temporary resistance to poison.

Fishing 50 112.5 Avantoe &
Snape Grass Adds 3 levels to Fishing

Super Energy 52 118 Avantoe &
Mort Myre Fungi Restores 20% Energy

Hunter Potion 53 120 Avantoe & Kebbit Teeth Dust +3 to Hunter

Super Strength 55 125 Kwuarm & Limpwurt Root 20% added to Strength

Magic Essence 57 130 Starflower & Gorak Claw +3 to Magic

Weapon Poison 60 137.5 Kwuarm &
Ground Blue Dragon Scale Poisons 5 Arrows, 1 Dagger or 1 Spear.

Super Restore 63 142 Snapdragon &
Red Spider Eggs Restores all lowered stats to base level and 40% prayer.

Super Defense 66 150 Cadantine &
White Berries 20% added to Defense

Extra-Strong AntiPoison 68 155 Toadflax, Coconut Milk & Yew Roots Cures poison and provides a longer immunity to it.

Anti-FireBreath 69 158 Lantadyme & Ground Blue Dragon Scale Temporary resistance to Dragon’s Firebreath

Ranging 72 165 Dwarf Weed & Wine of Zamorak 15% added to Ranged

Extra-Strong Weapon Poison 73 170 Cactus Spine, Red Spider Eggs & Coconut Milk Use with an arrows, dagger or spear to poison it.

Magic 76 172.5 Lantadyme & Potato Cactus Adds 4 levels to Magic

Zamorak 78 175 Torstol & Jangerberries Lowers hits & Defense by 10%; increases Strength by 10% and Attack by 20%.

Super-Strong Anti-Poison 79 180 Irit Leaf, Magic Tree Roots & Coconut Milk Cures poison and provides a very long immunity to it.

Saradomin’s Brew 81 184 Toadflax & Crushed Birdnest Increases Defense by 20%, and hitpoints by 15%; lowers your Strength, Magic & Ranged by 10%.

Super-Strong Weapon Poison 82 186.5 Nightshade, Poison Ivy Berries & Coconut Milk Use with arrows, dagger or spear to poison it.

Herblore Notes

Stat Restore potions come in handy when using a special attack that drains one or more of your stats to increase another, like the Dragon Battleaxe attack.
To use a weapon poison potion, just use a weapon such as a dagger or stack of arrows with it.
To get a Serum 208, simply use a Serum 207 with the fire while the sanctity is at 20% in the Mort’ton Temple.
To get full resistance to FireBreath, just drink a dose of Anti-FireBreath Potion while equipping the Anti-Dragon Shield.


Gathering Herbs

Sometimes, it can be difficult to gather new herbs when you really need them. There are 2 methods (besides looting monsters and trading other members) which you can use to increase your Herb stock.

Exchanging Goutweed

If you’ve completed the Eadgar’s Ruse Quest (in which you had to get a Goutweed for Sanfew), you can use this method. Head to the Troll Stronghold (of course, you’ll probably need some food and equipment!) and make your way to the Storeroom. You’ll need the Storeroom Key to get in, which is in the southeast Kitchen Drawer (near Burntmeat the troll).

Once you’re inside, you’ll need to get through the “maze” of boxes to the southern part of the room. Don’t let the Troll guard see you! Once you get to the south side of the room near the sleeping troll, search the nearby crate for a Goutweed.

Repeat this as many times as you wish. Once you’re all set, head over to Sanfew, located upstairs in the Taverley Herblore Shop. He’ll trade you as many unidentified herbs as you give him Goutweed. So if you bring him 10, he’ll give you 10 unidentified herbs.

Sinister Chest

You will find Salarin the Twisted in the Yanille Agility Dungeon, and he can only be killed with the use of Strike magic spells. Each time you kill him, there’s a chance that he will drop a Sinister Key, used to open the sinister Chest in the Skeleton room.

Once you have a Sinister Key, leave the dungeon and head to the old (practically dilapidated) house found north of Yanille. You’ll need a knife or other sharp object to slice through the web, and you’ll probably want an anti-poison potion as well.

Go down the stairs, walk across the Balance Ledge (you’ll see an area where the floor has apparently caved in), and then enter the room to the west to find the chest. Open it with the Sinister Key, and you’ll be poisoned. But you’ll also find several herbs, including:

3 Ranarr Weed
2 Harralander
1 Irit Leaf
1 Avantoe
1 Torstol
1 Kwuarm