Runescape Non Members Money Making Guide

Runescape is one of the most popular games of today and gold is in big demand. Non-members, learn how to get your fair share of gold legitimately.
Runescape is one of the most popular online RPG's as of yet and no wonder its in-game currency gold is in big demand. For starters, there is no "easy way" to make gold but hopefully by reading this guide, it will make the gold-making process a whole lot easier. I will be listing some of the top ways for non-members to make their fair share in gold (in no particular order).

One of the simplest and yet most profitable ways to make your keep in Runescape is to mine rune essence and sell it. You can pretty easily pull of 25 per essence, 30 if you're good at selling. Simply do the Rune Mysteries Quest (which should be a no-brainer as the quest is very easy) and then talk to the appropriate NPC to get teleported to the place where you can mine essence. Once you have mined so your inventory is full, teleport back and make your way to a bank (Varrock is good, as it is very crowded) and sell off your essence. This is a very easy way to make some quick cash and there are very little requirements.

Fishing is another good way to make money. Unlike the first method, it is a little more complicated and has a much higher requirement. Fishing is only really profitable at level 40 or higher, when you can fish lobsters. It will take a good day or 2 of fishing to get to level 40 but compared to mining and smithing, it is a whole lot faster. I suggest you look up a good fishing guide to find an effective way to level up your fishing.

It is important to have a high cooking level along with your fishing level so you will be able to cook what you catch and sell it. Cooked lobsters can go for easily 200 gold, 250 if you're a good salesperson. The only place for non-members to catch lobsters is at Karamja. To get there, you need to go to Port Sarim and catch the boat, which costs a total of 60 gold coins for both ways (to and from the island). Cook your caught lobsters, drop the burnt ones and then make your way to Draynor bank.

Once at Draynor, withdraw 60 gold, deposit your lobsters and then repeat. Once you achieve a goal amount of lobsters (mine is 500), go and sell them at Varrock bank where there are a lot of buyers.

Mining and Smithing is the third way I will be explaining on how to make gold. I am not too experienced with this method as it can be very long and very tedious. The basic idea is to mine a lot of ore until you get to a goal amount, store them in a nearby bank, melt all the ore into bars and then smith the bars.

Eventually, after a LONG time you will be able to make unbelievably large amounts from smithing armour and weapons. A more simplified way is to just make money by mining coal and selling the ore straight up for around 170-200 each. Coal only requires a mining level of 30 so this is much easier to reach than smithing armour and only requires the mining skill. A good place to mine coal is at the Dwarven Mines because there is Varrock bank nearby where you can store and sell your coal.

This is an unusual way of making money, but it works. Basically, complete the Stronghold of Security over and over again. The Stronghold is in the Barbarian Village in the mine. You will get around 10k gold in total for completing the Stronghold. It is advised that you do this one with caution because monsters in the Stronghold WILL attack and are very high leveled once you get to the later levels. Bringing food is a good idea and be ready to run. Regardless this way is quite easy and not very tedious because you are given pure gold so there is nothing to sell. The questions asked in the Stronghold of Security are no-brainers. Another benefit from this way is that there are effectively no requirements.

Lastly, this isn't really a major way to make gold but if you are looking to level your combat, fight the dark wizards at the stone henge at southern Varrock. They drop runes which you can sell for a LOT each (as much as 1k?). The wizards will attack at will and are aggressive so this is not advised for if you are below around level 15. Bringing food is ideal.

And that concludes my guide to making money. I hope this guide will help you on your quest for riches in Runescape. Have fun, and remember, it's just a game. Scamming achieves nothing.