Runescape Phat - 2

Ever walked by a player with a white hat in the shape of a crown? Ever walked by a talking Easter egg? These items are known as rare or discontinued items. Rare items are items that were introduced to the world of RuneScape for a twenty-four hour period to celebrate a holiday. The most famous rare items, also known to some as ‘holiday drops’, were dropped on Christmas, Easter and Halloween of the years 2001 and 2002. Unfortunately, after noticing that these holiday drops were constantly elevating in worth and negatively affecting the RuneScape economy, Jagex decided to put an end to tradable holiday drops. Today, the holiday drops from 2001 and 2002 are still on the market, being traded back and forth, and still becoming more and more expensive. Soon, some of these rare items will be worth over a billion RuneScape gold!

Runescape party hats, also referred to as ‘Phats’, are one of the most expensive piece of headgear in the game. They are for sure the most wanted headgear in the game since Christmas of 2001. When examining party hats in the game, this message appears: “A nice hat from a cracker”. This is because the Christmas drop of 2001 was a party cracker, and once it was opened in a certain way, the party hat would come out. These party hats come in six different colours: blue, white, green, yellow, red and pink/purple. Blue party hats are currently the most expensive in the game, and pink/purple party hats are the least expensive in the game.

As a RuneScape player, you may be trying to figure out a way to get your hands on one of these party hats. In 2001, there was no challenge. Players would pick up party crackers for free, and then ‘use’ them on another player. Then, one of the two players would get a party hat, and the other would get a different item. This item and the whole process were completely randomly calculated. In a sense, everyone was a winner.

Today though, if you wish to own a party hat, you must work hard to earn one. One way is to work until you become a millionaire, and then buy a party hat. The other way, only if you’re lucky, you’ll come face to face with someone that is willing to risk their party hat in the wild or in Al Kharid’s Duel Arena.

At the time of the drop, when players would either get a party hat or a random item, most players preferred the random item because it was worth more than a party hat. Little did they know, these party hats would be one of the greatest items of the game. Thanks to party hats and other items like these, a new market was created; the RuneScape rare items market. Players began to collect party hats and party hat sets.

These ‘party hat sets’ included six different party hats, one of every colour. The sets are already worth well over a billion RuneScape gold. The reason why party hats are so rare is because there is a limited supply in circulation and there will probably never be any more of them dropped. Just think; every time someone dies with a party hat and nobody collects it from the ground, there is one less party hat in circulation. This will naturally increase the price of the party hat. And that price will continue to rise until there are no party hats left!

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