Runescape Runecrafting Guide

Runecrafting is an interesting and fun skill to practice in RuneScape, as there are many different kinds of Runes to make, and several parts to making them using this skill. Often times, you will not be standing in the same spot for a long time, so the skill moves along quickly and you can get a great deal of Runes crafted in a short time.

Before you can start crafting your own Runes, you need to mine some Rune Essence from the Essence Mine. Of course, not just anyone can find this mine, and only several characters in RuneScape can teleport you to it:

Aubury - Located in the Varrock Magic Shop.
Wizard Sedridor - Located in the Basement of the Wizard Tower.
Wizard Distentor - Found in the Yanille Magic Guild.
Wizard Cromperty - Located just northeast of the Ardougne Market.
Brimstail Gnome - Found in a cave in the southwest corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Once you’re in the mine, just mine some Essence from any Rune Essence rock. You will either get Pure Essence or Normal Essence. These different Essence will be explained later on. After using the nearby portal you will be teleported to the character you spoke before.

You will also need a Talisman, depending on the type of Rune you wish to make. You need to use the correct Talisman with the ruins around RuneScape to be teleported to an Altar to craft your Runes. Check the Talisman and Altar Charts below for more info.

Runecrafting Pouches

After completing the Zamorak Mage’s Runecrafting task, Members will have the ability to obtain Pouches for carrying Rune Essence. There are 4 different sized pouches, each able to hold a certain amount of Rune Essence, but you can only carry 1 of each pouch at a time. The different sized pouches are sometimes found from the loot of the Abyssal Creatures in the Abyss, including Abyssal Leeches (L 41), Guardians (L 59)and Walkers (L 81).

Picture Pouch Runecrafting Level # of Holdable Essence
Small 1 3
Medium 25 6
Large 50 9
Giant 75 12

Kinds of Rune Essence

As said before, there are two types of Rune Essence in RuneScape: Regular Essence, and Pure Essence.

Regular Rune Essence can be used to Runecraft all of the FreePlay Runes, including Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind and Body. Member Runes such as Nature or Law Runes can’t be crafted using this kind of essence.

You will always mine Regular Essence if you are a FreePlayer, or if you’re a member with less than level 30 Mining.

Pure Rune Essence is used to craft all types of Runes, and can only be mined by Members who have level 30 Mining or better.



Once you have some Rune Essence, you’re going to need a Talisman so that you can enter the Altar of the Rune you wish to make. Many of them are dropped by enemies around RuneScape, and after you have the one you need, bring it to the ruins of that specific Rune (If you have an Air Talisman, bring it to the ruins of the Air Altar) and use it with the “Mysterious Ruins” to be teleported to the actual Altar.

Talisman Chart
Picture Talisman Where to Obtain
Air Reward from Rune Mysteries Quest; Goblins
Mind Imps & Wizards
Water Wizards & Dark Wizards
Earth Men, Farmers,Al Kharid Warriors
Fire Dark Wizards, Skeletons (lvl. 18), Guards
Body Guards & Giants
Cosmic Ice Giants, Lesser Demons, Otherworldly Beings, Mysterious Old Man
Chaos Giants, Chaos Dwarves, Ice Warriors, Lesser Demons
Nature Moss Giants, Lesser Demons, Paladins, Green & Red Dragons, Kalphite Workers, Cyclopes
Law Reward from Troll Stronghold Quest
Death Reward from Mourning’s End Part 2 Quest
Elemental Abyssal Leeches, Guardians and Walkers from the Abyss.



A Runecrafting Tiara is mostly the same as a Talisman, except for the fact that you can wear it on your head rather than carry it in your backpack. This way, you can save 1 extra space per trip for Rune Essence, which is very helpful for high level Runes. Check out the Crafting guide for info about making Tiaras.

Once you’ve crafted a regular Tiara, it’s time to enchant it. Bring the Tiara to the Runecrafting Altar of your choice, along with the same kind of Talisman. Use the Tiara on the Altar to bind the Talisman and Tiara together to make an enchanted Tiara. This will cause you to lose your Talisman, but it’s very useful in making higher level Runes since you don’t need to use it with the altar to access it (thus saving a space in your inventory).

Picture Tiara Enchanting Experience
Air 25
Mind 27.5
Water 30
Earth 32.5
Fire 35
Body 37.5
Cosmic 40
Chaos 42.5
Nature 45
Law 47.5
Death 50


Runecrafting Altars

Now that you have both your Rune Essence and a Talisman for the kind of Rune you want to make, you need to find the Altar to which the Talisman belongs to. You can choose the “Locate Altar” option for the Talisman itself and be pointed in the correct direction, or follow the directions and look at the maps in the below chart.

Anyhow, just use your Talisman with the “Mysterious Ruins” to be brought to the Altar. To make the Runes, just select the “Rune-Craft Altar” option from the Altar itself to craft all of the Essence in your backpack into Runes.

Tip: You can mouse-over any of the “mini-maps” below to see an enlarged picture of the altar’s location!

Runecrafting Altars
Altar Location Mini-Map
Air South of Falador.
Closest Bank: Falador East
Mind North of Falador, and east of the Goblin Village. It’s right on the boarder of the Wilderness!
Closest Bank: Edgeville (through the Wilderness)
Water Located in Lumbridge Swamp, and southeast of Draynor Village. The shack to Zanaris is to the east as well.
Closest Bank: Draynor Market or Zanaris (Dramen staff needed)
Earth Northeast of Varrock, and just south of the Lumberyard.
Closest Bank: Varrock East
Fire Just north of the entrance to the Duel Arena, and northeast of Al Kharid.
Closest Bank: Al Kharid
Body Southwest of Edgeville, and west of Barbarian Village.
Closest Bank: Edgeville
Cosmic Located in the Lost City of Zanaris. Follow the twisty path to the south of the wheat field.
Closest Bank: Zanaris
Requirements: Must have completed the Lost City Quest.
Chaos Northwest of Edgeville, and in level 9 Wilderness. Once inside, you’ll need to complete a 4-level maze (mouse over the map to see).
Closest Bank: Edgeville
Astral Found on Moonclan Island, and south of Lunar Isle city.
Closest Bank: Lunar Isle
Requirements: Must have completed Lunar Diplomacy. No talisman or tiara needed.
Nature North of Shilo Village (right near the wall) on Karamja Island.
Closest Bank: Shilo Village (must have completed the Shilo Village Quest)
Law In the northwest corner of Entrana Island.
Closest Bank: Draynor Village
For Help: Fast Free Laws service.
Death Inside of the Temple of Light.
Closest Bank: East Ardougne North
Requirements: Must have completed Mourning’s End Part 2.


Crafting Runes

When you first start Runecrafting, you will only be able to make 1 of each rune per Essence. Upon reaching a certain Runecrafting level, you’ll have the ability to make multiple Runes from a single Essence, since you’ll have more control and skill over crafting them. You will always receive the same amount of experience from crafting each kind of Rune, regardless of the number you make.

Runecrafting Requirements
Rune Runecraft Level Runecraft Experience 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 9x 10x
Air 1 5 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99
Mind 2 5.5 14 28 42 56 70 84 98 - -
Water 5 6 19 38 57 76 95 - - - -
Earth 9 6.5 26 52 78 - - - - - -
Fire 14 7 35 70 - - - - - - -
Body 20 7.5 46 92 - - - - - - -
Cosmic 27 8 59 - - - - - - - -
Chaos 35 8.5 74 - - - - - - - -
Astral 40 8.7 82 - - - - - - - -
Nature 44 9 91 - - - - - - - -
Law 54 9.5 - - - - - - - - -
Death 65 10 - - - - - - - - -


Combination Runes

Combination Runes are a newer addition to Runecrafting for Members, and they are very useful to Wilderness Player-Killing. The basic idea is that you can combine 2 Elemental Runes together to make a single Rune. This newly-formed Rune counts as 2 different elements, such as both Water and Air. Only Elemental Runes such as Air, Water, Earth and Fire can be combined. You can create the following Runes:

Mist - Air & Water
Dust - Air & Earth
Mud - Water & Earth
Smoke - Air & Fire
Steam - Water & Fire
Lava - Earth & Fire
Combining Runes

In order to combine Runes, you’ll need a few things including 1 of each Talisman, 1 type of Rune, and Rune Essence. So, if you wanted to make Mist Runes, bring an Air and a Water Talisman, either Air or Water Runes (whichever you wish to use), and Rune Essence. Depending on which Runes you choose to bring along, go to the other Temple (if you’re making Mist Runes and bringing Air Runes, go to the Water Temple).

Enter the temple using the correct Talisman as usual, and then use the other Talisman on the Altar to combine the Runes.

Warning: The Talisman that is the same as the Runes you carry will be used up when combining them! Plan on losing 1 Talisman each time you combine Runes, so it would be wise to bring Runes who’s Talismans you have more of.

Necklace of Binding

The Necklace of Binding will give you a 100% success rate while combining Runes while worn. It can be obtained by enchanting an Emerald Necklace using the Enchant Level 2 Jewelry spell.

Combination Runes
Picture Rune Runecrafting Level Runecrafting Experience
Mist 6 7.5
Dust 10 8
Mud 13 8.5
Smoke 15 9
Steam 19 9.5
Lava 23 10