Runescape Weapons

Runescape is a game that involves a number of elements from combat and wars in different quests to acquiring a number of skills like farming, woodcutting, fishing to name a few. The skill of combat involves mastering the use of a number of weapons . By mastering the use of weapons the character that you design can survive through the various wars and battles that are present at different stages of the game in various quests.

Runescape Combat
Combat in Runescape can broadly be categorized into three: Melee, Magic and Range or archery. Some of the players train their characters in all the three types of combat whereas some others prefer to specialize in either one or two types and gain mastery over a particular type and win battles that way. Each of the three types of combat has their own specific characteristics and some weapons have absolutely no effect in a particular type of combat.

Runescape Weapons
The mastery over the weapons would come with experience at the game of Runescape and also how well you train your character. You would be able to handle more weapons and wars if you have more experience and your character is trained better. First time players would take some time to get used to the weapon and also understand the characteristics of the different weapons and understand as to when to use them. Level one includes only bronze and iron weapons which are not expensive so work out good for practice but on the other hand they fail to make much of an impact. As you go to higher levels like level 5 you find that you graduate on to steel weapons and the black weapons are accessible at level 10. Level 30 would make adamant swords available to you. So as you progress in the game and move to higher levels you would realize that more weapons are available and you have to get your character trained in using these skillfully.

The Rune Weapon at Runescape
Reaching level 40 would make the best weapon at Runescape available to you - the Rune. These weapons are very expensive and also are not easily available as there is only store the “Champions Guild” which lies south-west of Varrock that sells Runes. Runes are also of different types and can be made, or bought from other players. Your skill at using a particular weapon depends on how well you train your character. Each person has his own comfort level with different weapons and thus, prefers to use a particular type of weapon over another.

Special Runescape Weapons
There are also special Runescape weapons which have multiple functions and require a high level of skill to use them. They are available to the players only at higher levels of play.

Whatever be the Runescape weapon, its best to have your character well trained in its use so that you can survive through the various wars and battles at the different quests and be a winner at Runescape.