Should You Jump To The Member's Sign-Up

For the beginning players of Runescape, wandering out in the game world and studying the basics such as cooking, fighting, mining and woodcutting will eventually have an end. This would usually ensue once a player finds himself wanting for more, exploring the hidden portals and entry points, mysterious resources and characters that are wandering in the Runescape world.

When one tries to click on some of these mysterious things, a player would encounter messages such as “For Members Only”. One has to wonder, would he go on to try the member’s server for a month and see what benefits it would have outside the ones shown on the website? The fee charged is only minimal, a $5.00 monthly subscription fee and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a full pledged Runescape member. Question is, would the investment be worth it?

For the people who have work or earn a living, $5.00 may not be that hard to shell out. But a large chunk of online gamers in Runescape would be students to yuppies. Usually, such players in Runescape would either have no chance of being on the member’s server or be stuck playing on the free server hence no room for really appreciating the game in the higher levels of their game.

But don’t get the free server wrong. A Runescape player can easily get lost if he is not careful. Sure he will see a lot of players online but to be guided and get the hang of the game will surely be something different. Unless a player stuck in the initial world would be content with chopping wood, killing goblins and giant spiders and earning 5 gold coins per kill as well as some bones, well, the matter of impatience and wanting more would truly be a dilemma for most.

Runescape would seem crowded at first glance with the number of free accounts being created by most players. While some can engage in short quests such as the one by a baker who would ask for certain items to be found in particular places, the meat of the game would be at the minds of most Runescape players. Something like, if in the free server that such quests would be available, what the more for the member’s server where the real challenges begin?

For some Runescape addicts, this can be realized but for the people who are merely trying to try it out or to simply buy some time with nothing better to do on the web, they will never get the chance to experience what the acclaimed benefits really have. But then again, for a mere $5.00 a month, maybe trying it out once would change the entire complexity of a player’s perception about Runescape.