Smokey Dungeon

The smoke Dungeon, located west of Pollnivneach, is a big part of the Desert Treasure Quest, and it is also a good place to train on Fire giants. There are lots of things within the Smoke Dungeon, but some are unknown. It is famous for being the home of the Dust Devils and is also home to one of the monsters you have to fight during the Desert Treasure Quest.

The Smoke Dungeon is situated in the Kharidian Desert South of Al Kharid. The quickest way to get there is to take the Magic Carpet from the Shanty Pass to Pollnivneach then run to the Dungeon.

Location of the smokey well

To enter just go to the Smokey Well and chose to Climb-down, but make sure that you are wearing a Face Mask (level 10 Slayer required); otherwise you will die fairly quickly.

Climb down Smokey Well

Map of the Dungeon

Smokey Well map 

Inside the Dungeon

As said in the first paragraph, there are things lurking in the depths of this dungeon that few know about. The things hidden within this dungeon are Fire Giants. Fire Giants are often killed in the Waterfall Dungeon which is normally very crowded, but within the depths of the Smoke Dungeon are several Fire Giants. Four of these Giants are all in a room together which make it the best place to Melee Fire Giants outside the Wilderness.

Fire giants

The Smoke Dungeon is also the best place in Runescape to kill Pyrefiends because it is nearer to a bank than the Fremennik Slayer Caves.

Desert Treasure

The Smoke Dungeon is home to Fareed who you must kill during the Desert Treasure Quest to obtain the Diamond of Smoke. To be able to get the key to enter the room he is in you must light the Torches situated in each corner of the dungeon by using a Tinderbox with them.

A torch

You can get the key to enter the room with Fareed from the Burnt Chest which is in the room in the center of the dungeon along with four Fire Giants that will attack you.

Open burnt chest


To leave you must climb up the rope where you entered or teleport out.

Climb up rope


There are monsters for everybody in this dungeon that range from level 35 to level 93 with level 65 Slayer required to kill them.

  • Fire Elementals - Fire Elementals are level 35 and are situated around the dungeon, but with a high density near the Standing Torches.
    Fire elemental
  • Pyrefiends - Pyrefiends are level 43 and require 30 Slayer to kill. They attack with a Magic based attack so if you are fighting them wear Dragonhide Armour. They are positioned all over the dungeon.
  • Fire Giants - The secret ingredient. Fire Giants are situated mainly in the room with the Burnt Chest, but there are also a few at the East end of the dungeon.
    Fire giant
  • Dust Devils - The Smoke Dungeon is the only home of the Dust Devil. They are level 93 and require 65 Slayer to kill. The Dust Devil is famous due to the fact that it can drop a Dragon Chainmail although there is about a 1 in 10,000 chance of this happening. They are all situated in the West end of the dungeon.
    Dust devil