Stained with blood

Stained with blood, the ground quickly came up to meet him. The roar above him shook the ground, the claws beside him frighteningly sharp. As they raised above him, they took a considerable amount of earth with them. He rolled just in time, as massive jaws slammed into the earth right where he had been laying. Fire screamed out of the giant beast’s mouth.

A King Black Dragon, the most feared creature in the lands of Runescape, was the opponent. The knight raised his dragon battle axe, and dealt the creature a crushing blow. It cringed, but only for a second. With a sudden fierceness, it leapt at him, a wreath of flame launching from it’s mouth. He dodged as best he could, but the flame was quicker than he had thought. The Runite armor, though very protective, could not keep him from suffering damage. He felt life draining from his body. “I can’t give up!” the warrior thought.

He again stood to face the dragon, with blood dripping from his now damaged right arm. He took up his axe in his left, and with his very last effort, leaped at the beast with all the anger and hatred he could muster up for this foul creature. He took aim, and swung as hard as he could. Catching the beast in the chest, his axe pierced the dragon to the heart, and he collapsed with the taste of victory on his lips. He looked up to see what it was this foul beast had been hoarding. The prized dragon medium helmet! He had finally gotten what all of his hard work had led up to.

He picked up his newfound prize, and very gingerly put it on, proud of his efforts. However, in his carelessness of being so happy, he had forgotten that there was more than one dragon around. Without warning, another came at him, seemingly out of nowhere. He fought bravely for a few thrusts and parries, then ran for his life. Closing in on the switch to freedom, the dragon suddenly stopped.

He looked back to see some other brave soul trying to win such a prize as he already had. After watching for a bit, he realized that this young fighter was almost dead. “Run!” he yelled, seeing that the dragon was also almost dead. He quickly drank a nice stew to replenish his lost health, and engaged in a duel with the monstrous beast. This time however, the young newcomer had taken off most of the carrion’s life, and his job was much easier. He finished the dragon off, and the young man ran for his prize, exclaiming with joy that he, also, had gotten the ultimate prize for the defeat of such a creature.

The two heroes looked to each other, ate a couple stews, and left the vile cave side by side, knowing that someday they would return to slay more of these evil beasts.