The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Rich in Runescape

For both members and non-members alike!
Hey Runescapers! Wanna be rich? Filthy rich? Well here's the deal. Making money isn't hard in Runescape, all you need is either a good fishing or woodcut level, and being a member helps a lot.

The fastest way I found to get rich in non-member was to make a couple level 3 accounts and slowly get their woodcut levels up to yew-cutting capability, which shouldn't take long. You can train 3-4 at the same time! Just use tabbed browsing on your Internet program. I use Internet Explorer, the newest one. Just open Runescape and open 3-4 tabs at a time.

Log each of your players into one tab, (DIFFERENT WORLDS, OR IT WON'T WORK!) then start to woodcut. Draynor is definitely the fastest place to train your woodcut, then to cut yews. Once they can all cut yews, just have them cutting the 4 yew trees at Draynor, near where the goblins are on the path to Lumbridge.

Here is a map to help you out:

If you are a member, it is easiest to go fishing for lobster. First off, if you do not have lvl 40 fishing, go to Camelot, and go fly fishing until you got 40 fishing.

Once you have 40 fishing, get a lobster cage and go fishing for lobster at Catherby, just a few seconds away.

An even faster way to fish lobster and make money is to get your fishing level high enough to enter the fishing guild. This place is an amazingly fast way to make money. Get all your raw lobster. DON'T COOK THEM! Get about 1000 lobsters, then say that you are trading raw lobster for cooked lobster.

People are eager to do this in order to get their cooking levels higher. Now sell all of your lobster to someone for the appropriate street price.

We are done for today! Have fun and get rich.