The Heroes' Guild

Location: Just north of Taverley.
Requirements: You must have already completed the Hero's Quest.

The Ground Floor

Having already completed the Hero's Quest is a requirement for entering this Guild, which is watched over by Achietties, a Hero wandering around outside. The guild itself is located north of the Druid town of Taverley, and south of Burthorpe.

Map of the Heroes' Guild

When you first go inside, you'll see various decorations on the walls, as well as 2 statues of Arrav and Camorra in the center of the room. The Fountain of Heroes originally was found where the statues now stand.

Statue of Arrav and Camorra

The yard located in the back of the Guild has the two biggest Evergreens in Runescape. You will also notice a stairway to the upstairs and a ladder to the underground in the main room.

The Second Floor

Second floor

Upstairs can be found Helemos, a retired Hero who owns a shop of Dragon items called the "Happy Heroes Hemporium."

Happy Heroes Hemporium
Picture Item Cost
Dragon Battleaxe Dragon Battleaxe 200,000
Dragon Mace Dragon Mace 50,000

There is also an altar to Saradomin against the wall to the west, as well as three ladders going to the next floor. The two ladders on the sides lead to towers, but the one by the altar leads to an outdoor deck.

The Underground Basement

The Heroes' Guild basement is a long, twisting cavern. There is a mine with 2 Mithril, 2 Adamantite and 2 Rune Rocks, as well as 10 Coal Rocks to mine from! You'll also encounter several level 27 bats, but if you're strong enough to be in the Heroes guild they won't bother you.

The Heroes' Guild basement

A level 111 Blue Dragon can also be found in a cage, if you wish to fight it. It has been slain many times for it's experience, hides and other treasure by fighting styles of all types.

Finally, towards the end of the twisting passage is the Fountain of Heroes, which is used to enchant Dragonstone Amulets to its full 4 charges. Just use the amulet with the fountain to dip it in. You'll be able to teleport to Al Kharid, Draynor Village, Edgeville, and Karamja when you rub it. A charged amulet will also give bonuses to your stats, and a higher chance of finding a gem while mining. It will add 10 to all Attack stats, 3 to Defense stats, 6 to Strength and 3 to Prayer.