The Ranging Weapon Guide

Here are all of the ranging weapons in runescape. Feel free to read them and choose your favorite weapon.

This weapon does decent damage with a fast speed. However its ranging distance is not very far. The short bows’ short shooting distance means a player has to get close to his/her opponent to strike them down. This short bows’ weakness can also be used as an advantage because players can retrieve their arrows faster because the distance between players and the monsters are closer. It is a popular weapon because is fast, a good ranger with a short bow can usually fill their opponents with holes before they know what is going on.

Rating Free-**** Member-****


The longbow is a weapon with decent speed and damage. Its hits higher than short bow but it is also slower than it. The longbow is not widely used because many people prefer short bows because of their speed.

Rating Free-*** Member-**


The crossbow is the only ranging weapon that is one-handed, this means a shield is allowed to wield. The crossbow ‘s true power is not within the bow itself, it is the power of its ammo, called bolts gave crossbow power. However the crossbow is not very popular because the bolts special ability are either rare to occur or the bolts are just plain expensive. The strongest crossbow, karil’s crossbow is powerful but it is two-handed, but it can hit up to 30.

Rating Free-* Member-***

PS. The ability of the bolts are going to be on my next guide, stay tuned! ;-)

Throwing axe(Members only)

The throwing axe does high damage but has low speed. It is my favorite ranging weapon because the rune throwing axe’s special attack is so cool. I once saw a clan war which one side came all with rune throwing axe, when the battle started, they all used the rune axe’s special ability, the axe bounces between everybody on the opposite side. The battle was finished in a matter of seconds. However the throwing axe is not great for training because it is very slow, I just like it because of its special.

Rating Member-**

Javelin(Members only)

The javelin is a throwing spear. It has a normal speed and damage. Javelins can be poisoned with can be a great help when fighting monster with high defense or hit points. Otherwise it is not used on training or Pking because bows can do a better job at it.

Darts(Members only)

The ultimate ranging training weapon. It is extremely fast but with a low damage. To train with darts, simply select your attacking style to rapid, go to a monster and attack. Then you can see your ranging experience soar. It is not used for Pking because it is weak and does not hit often, darts can be poisoned.

Throwing knives(Members only)

The throwing knives can be poisoned. It does decent damage with decent speed. An all around balanced weapon, but many people prefer bows.

Rating Members-**

Dwarf cannon(Members only)

The only weapon of mass destruction at runescape. It is very expensive, cost around 600k from players. The cannon balls also cost 200 per ball. However the cannon’s attack power can make this up. The cannon can hit up to 30 and it hit faster if there are more monsters around. This means if you need to kill many monsters, such as slayer tasks, you can use the cannon to killing hundreds in perhaps an hour. The cannon cannot move(Duh, it is an cannon), you also need to set it up by putting cannon parts together. The cannon also decays after extensive time of using it. You can pick it up after you notice it is decaying or you can pay dwarfs to fix it when it is broken. All in all, it is a great weapon.

Rating Members-*****

Crystal bow(Members only)

The best bow there is. It offers 100 ranging bonus but it will decay after 250 shoots. Its status also drops after it decays. After the crystal decays 10 times, it will go back to a seed and you can ask elves to grow it for a fee. The crystal is very expensive. But a crystal does not need arrows and it is fast. It is a great weapon for training and Pking

Rating- Members-*****

Seercull(Members only)

This is a very rare weapon. It is only been dropped by Dagannoth kings. It does pretty decent damage with good speed. Its special attack lowers opponents magic levels. Overall, it is not very good thou it is very expensive.

Rating Members-***

Ogre bows(Members only)

There are two kinds of ogre bows, the ogre bow and the composite ogre bow. They are both slow both does heavy damage, they are he only bows that can kill chompy birds.