Waterfall Dungeon

The Waterfall Dungeon is located in the Baxtorian Falls area, and it is an excellent place for mid or high-level players to train. This dungeon is also part of the Waterfall Quest, and it can be a bit tricky getting in.

The dungeon itself is behind a waterfall, and you must first ride a raft to get there. Be sure to bring some rope!

First you must go up a steep hill located West of the Dwarven Enclosure.

A steep hill

Next, you must now go through Almera's house and climb onto a raft behind it.

Board log raft

You will go downstream on the Raft and crash into a land mound.

Oh no! My raft broke!

You must go to the South of the land mound and use a Rope with the Rock on the next piece of land and you will do something like when Spiderman releases the silk out of his wrist then pull yourself to the other piece of land.

Use rope with rock Swimming to the small island

Hint: if you didn't bring a rope, simply click on the Rock (in the picture above) to attempt to swim across. You'll be washed down the river and end up somewhere to the south.

From here you must use your rope with the Dead Tree and you will lower yourself onto the Ledge below.

Use rope with dead tree

Map of the Dungeon

Map of the dungeon 

Inside the Dungeon

The Baxtorian Falls Dungeon can be called other names too. These include the Waterfall Dungeon and the Fire Giant Dungeon. It is mainly used for the Waterfall Quest or for killing Fire Giants for fun or for Slayer.

Entrance to the waterfall

To enter this dungeon you must be wearing Glarial's Amulet which is obtained during the Waterfall Quest or you can get a new one in the same way if you lose it.

If you forgot your Glarial's Amulet and Teleport Runes then you are not stuck because there is a barrel that you can climb into that will take you downstream.

Get in barrel

You will appear a bit further downstream on the north side of the River near the Fishing Spots.

this is where you'll end up

What to Bring



  • Glarial's Amulet
  • Your best Weapon
  • Your best Armour
  • Ring of Wealth
  • Cape (preferably Legends, Obsidian or Fire)
  • Metal Boots, Boots of Lightness or Climbing Boots (obtained from Slayer Drops, the Temple of Ikov and Death Plateau Quests).

If you want there are good Mage and Ranged spots in this dungeon so you may want to bring your best Dragonhide Armour and Bow or Mystic Robes and Runes with you instead of Melee Armour and Weapon.



  • An Amulet that gives Attack and Defense Bonuses like Glory and Power Amulets, preferably Amulet of Glory.
  • Rope
  • Ardougne Teleport Runes (it's a long walk back)
  • 'A Key' (used during Waterfall Quest)
  • Enchanted Gem (handy if you are Slaying)
  • Lobsters

If Maging or Ranging bring Runes to Alch your drops so that you can stay longer without having to bank your drops. Just bring about 4 Lobsters.

There are three main rooms in this dungeon. An East one, a Center one and a West one. There are different things to do in each room.

The East Room

The east room, containing crates

This room is mainly used during the Waterfall Quest to find the 'A Key' to get through the door in the North of the West Room so that you can complete the Quest. To get the Key just search each of the Chests until you find it. You can get another if you lose yours. There are three level 45 Skeletons and four level 16 Skeleton Mages in this room.

The Center Room

The center room, containing Fire giants

This room is used to kill Fire Giants. There is a table in the middle of the room that you can range over to kill the Giants once you have been in the room long enough for them to stop auto-attacking you. There are seven level 86 fire Giants in this room and it is normally full with people.

To enter this room you must go through two doors. If you have a Shadow Spider attacking you then you can stand on one side of the door with it on the other side and shut the door.

A big set of doors

The West Room

The west room, with a few Fire Giants

This room is the one that is most often full. There are three Fire Giant spawns in it and it is popular with Rangers and Mages as there are places that you can stand without getting hit.

Ranged Spot 1:

Stand in the North of the room one square South of the door and attack the Giant that spawns East of the chair.

Ranging spot

Ranged Spot 2:

Stand just North of the chair in the room. You can attack the two giants that spawn South of the chair. If you want to attack the Giant East of the chair just move to the West of the chair.

Ranging spot

The Chalice Room

In the North of the West Room there is a door that is locked just use 'A Key' with the door to get through.

Through the door is a spawn of 'A Key'. The only reason you would need this key is if you dropped your key in the room that you finish the Waterfall Quest in then walked back through the door without any Teleport Runes.

Take a key

There is another door that leads you into the room you complete Waterfall Quest in. When you are in this room you cannot see the map of any other part of the dungeon.

The chalice room

In the North of the room are statues of Glarial and Baxtorian.

Glarial and Baxtorian

Once you have completed the Waterfall Quest you can take from the Chalice of Eternity, but only once.

Chalice of Eternity

If you try to get the reward more than once it will say that the Chalice only contains Ashes.

The chalice only contains some old ashes


This dungeon is famous for the Fire Giants, but there are also other monsters in this dungeon.


Rats are level 1 and they are scattered all over the dungeon.


Skeleton Mage

Skeleton Mages are level 16 and there are four of them in the East room of the dungeon.

Skeleton Mage

Giant Bat

Giant Bats are level 27 and there is one of them in the West room of the dungeon.

Giant Bat


Skeletons are level 45 and there are three of these in the East room of the dungeon.


Shadow Spider

The Shadow Spider is level 52 and there are five of these located in the Southern part of the dungeon. They half your prayer each time one attacks you if you don't have a health bar above your head. If you have an odd number of Prayer Points left you will keep the odd one. This means that they can never completely drain your Prayer, but they can get it down to 1.

Shadow Spider

Fire Giant

Fire Giants are level 86 and there are ten of these in the dungeon. Seven are situated in the Center room and three are in the West room.

Fire Giant