Runescape Clan Wars Glitch Spots

A look at the glitch spots in the Runescape mini game “Clan Wars”.

Clan Wars is a mini game where two different clan chats can battle each other. When a challenge has been accepted, both clans have 2 minutes to enter a portal which will take them to the battlegrounds. One clan will start on the north end while one starts on the south end. After you are dead, you will be able to keep watching the war from a viewing area. When a clan has no one left to fight, then the other clan wins. On the map there are some spots where someone can stand without being seen, these are called the “glitch spots”. Players standing in these spots cannot be seen on the playing screen, but can be seen as a dot on the mini map. So far I have only found two spots.

Glitch Spots
North-West spot- this spot is located in the NW corner of the map.

South rock spot- this spot is located in a bunch of rocks on the south half of the map.

I don’t know if the spots were put there on purpose or not, but I hope they don’t take if away. The spots are a fun part of the mini game where players can hide and surprise other players. Sometimes clan will use these spots strategically to win over the other clan.

I hope you learned something from this and maybe you can try it out some time! If you found this interesting, please tell your friends to read this article. Thank you!

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